Why Choose A Budget Shed?

Our Budget Sheds were created because we had a lot of people asking if we had a nice size storage shed for a great price. As a custom storage shed builder we wanted to give you lots of affordable shed options.  We utilize the material efficient 8′ width to keep our prices as low as possible on our budget sheds. The Budget Shed is built brand new with special priced discounted materials we source from lumber yards and sawmills in the area.  When we find a truckload of limited batch materials at really good prices, we purchase it and use it to turn into our Budget Sheds. We pass the material savings on to you with affordable storage shed pricing that you can be sure is a value shed for you.  An economical shed that protects your household valuables from the rain wind and snow! The Budget Shed offers practical protection for your household supplies and equipment that fits within your family budget.


  • Pressure Treated Floor Joists
  • 40 year Gavalume Metal Roof
  • Exterior Acrylic Paint
  • 3/4″ Inch Thick Flooring
  • Exterior Grade Plywood
  • 6′ Feet Wide Double Doors
  • Heavy Duty Steel Hinges
  • Keyed Door Handle
  • 24″ OC Framing
  • Solid 2×4 Framing Construction

Protect your valuables in this well built and practically priced storage shed, made right here in North Carolina.

Get A Budget Shed In Your Yard! 

Budget Sheds are built with special priced discounted lumber we buy from local sawmills and lumberyard, right here in NC!

Quality Materials Used In Budget Sheds

Budget Sheds Pricing

Cash price and rent to own payments not including sales tax  | Rent To Own payment based on 36 month rent to own plans.  

8×8   | Cash Price $1,699  | Rent To Own $78
8×12 | Cash Price $1,999  | Rent To Own $92
8×16 | Cash Price $2,449  | Rent To Own $120
8×20 | Cash Price $2,949  | Rent To Own $136 

Looking For A Larger Budget Shed? Contact Us! We Will Work You A Deal!

Upgrades Available With Budget Sheds

Our Anchor Packages help protect your shed against high wind gusts and are required in some municipalities. The shed anchor package includes 4 heavy duty steel anchors, augured into the soil with a specialized earth anchor driver. The shed is then secured to the anchors with steel cables or chain. Anchor Package includes hardware, labor and installation and is $269 + sales tax.

Our ramp package allows ease of access for you and your equipment into your shed. Includes a 6’ wide by 5’ long treated ramp put together with long lasting galvanized fasteners. Includes ramp, hardware and installation by delivery specialist. $269 + sales tax.

Our shed organizer package comes with everything you need to store and organize your valuables. Our shed organizer package helps maximize storage capacity in your building.  triple shelves that are 16″ inches deep and have strong 2×4 supports. These shelves can help you organize the things in your life and comes in 3 sizes.  8′ feet $109 | 16′ feet $218  | 24′ feet $327  + sales tax

  • 16” deep shelving.
  • Triple shelving | 18″ | 36″ | 54″ | inch shelf height.
  • Sturdy 2×4 lumber supports hold up shelves
  • Optimal for organizing plastic totes and having things convenient reach.

If you want to be able to flip a switch when you need some light to work on your projects or find a item then this very popular shed power package is for you!  $449 + sales tax.

The power package includes:

  • Standard gauge electrical wire coated in protective PVC plastic.
  • 3 receptacles with plate covers
  • 2 lights with bulbs
  • 1 on / off switch by walk in doors with plate cover


24”x36” Aluminum Vertical Slider Window $109


Additional 36” Single Wood Door $129

Additional Double Wood Doors $269

 12” inch 3 tier shelves a linear foot $9.99
24” inch deep workspace table per linear foot $14.99
Additional loft space per square foot $3.49
Pegboard, per linear foot $9.99

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