If your looking for shed movers near me in the Charlotte NC area, than look no further! If your wondering can sheds be moved? Or, how to get a storage shed moved, or how to relocate a storage shed, or who moves storage sheds, shed moving equipment rental near me, companies that move sheds near me, we can help! Here are a few pointers if your looking to move a shed in Charlotte, NC metro area.

The Shed Moving Process

Shed moving specialists servicing Charlotte, NC have special shed moving trailer and shed moving mule machine (mule shed forklift is another name for it) that allows for shed relocation services. To safely transfer used shed or new sheds for sale in Charlotte metro area. Professional shed movers have the right shed moving equipment to get the job done safely! Private shed movers that are licensed and insured should be your first choice to move a 8×12 wooden storage shed, 10×12 wooden storage shed, 10×16 wooden storage shed, or other size shed across the yard or further distance.

Shed Moving Services in North Carolina


1 Type of storage shed

Only certain types of storage sheds are designed for shed hauling! If a shed was built on site in Charlotte NC, it might not be designed to be moved. Only prefab sheds that have skid runners are sheds that can be moved with shed relocation. Not all size storage sheds can be moved! How much does it cost to move a painted 8×12 shed? How much does it cost to move a painted 10×12 shed? How much does it cost to move a painted 10×16 shed? That depends! WILL Vary based on the size, distance hauled. to move a shed without taking it apart is something only the most skilled portable shed movers can do. If your wondering, How to get a shed moved across my yard, just search for a “shed moving service near me”

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2 Condition of storage shed

Depending on the age of the storage shed it may or may not be able to be moved. sheds that can’t be moved would be falling apart, rotten, or to tall or to wide to go down the road in NC. If you have a junk shed that needs removal, a shed relocation service or shed removal service is not for you, you would want to find a professional shed removal / shed demolition service that knows how to tear down your old shed and dispose of it! Shed disposal is a big job, and we suggest you leave it to the experts like Vets Haul Junk!  Sheds that can be moved are in new sheds, like new sheds, or sheds in good condition!

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3 Shed Moving Costs Per Size

Shed delivery specialists can only move sheds that are certain heights and widths. 8′ 10′ 12′ and 14′ wide sheds can be transported fully built buy shed transportation specialists. Sheds 16′ wide or 18′ wide are to wide to go down the road. Common sizes of sheds that are able to be moved are: 8×10 10×10 10×12 10×14 10×16 10×18 10×20 12×16 12×18 12×20 12×22 12×24. other sizes can be moved but may incur additional shed moving expense.

Shed Movers Charlotte, NC

Storage shed movers will usually transport sheds up to 125 miles for custom quote based on size and mileage. Get the shed moving specialist the address where your shed is located, and the address where the shed will be moved to, and they can get you a custom shed moving quote.

How does shed moving work in NC?

5 How much does it cost to move a storage shed?

how much does it cost? There are affordable shed moves based on distance, or very expensive shed moves beyond certain mileage!  It may be a cheap shed moving service to go a few miles, it will get very expensive to go a long distance! It may make more sense to sell a shed with your home vs moving the shed to a new location. Do storage sheds add value to a home? Absolutely! you may be better off selling your shed with home sale than the move a shed, so you may get more in the sale price with a storage shed on the property vs paying thousands to relocate a shed a long distance!

Mule Machine Shed Delivery NC

6 Storage shed moving equipment

Storage shed moving equipment incudes shed moving trucks, shed moving trailers, wide load shed trailers, oversize load shed moving escort vehicles, mule to move shed, mule machine rentals, rollback trailer for storage shed relocation and more!

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How Does Shed Installation Work In NC?



If your looking to have a shed moved, call Sheds By Design at 980-399-5019 and we can refer you to our network of professional shed installers and shed movers near you to help you schedule a shed move in the Charlotte NC metro area!