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“My husband Chuck and I have had the best experience…These brothers are motivated, very skilled, and pleasant to be around. We together designed a Dog Kennel building for my Splendid Standard Poodles so I will not have to take them elsewhere to board when we want to get away.They did a beautiful job.”

Susan S.

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  • Durable Long Lasting Materials Are Used To Build Your Shed
  • We Offer Affordable Storage Shed Pricing And Rent To Own Sheds
  • Reviews From Other Clients Who Love Their Dream Structure
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Featured Story

1008, 2019

Shed Foundations 101

August 10th, 2019|

People often encounter situations that require a prepared shed foundation. Let's consider several shed foundation options that might be right for you. As a custom storage shed builder in North Carolina, we want to help you make a good decision on the best shed foundation preparation for your benefit.     Concrete Blocks     Concrete blocks are by far the most common and cost-effective foundation system used to set sheds. The delivery specialist will start to level your shed at the highest point where the shed is placed. From the highest point, the shed will then be leveled with blocks out to the

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Let’s Work Together To Build Your Dream Space

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