Why Choose A Lofted Shed?

Our Lofted Shed is a popular option for people in North Carolina looking for sheds with the most amount of space! People love how the Lofted Shed look in their spacious backyards. This well thought out shed comes loaded with a great variety of options and and well thought out exterior and interior shed design features that make it a attractive storage shed. With regular floor space, and additional storage lofts above in the lofts, this shed looks great, feels like a roomy shed inside. Things you frequently use can stay on the lower level, and items like Christmas trees or other holiday decorations can stay up in the loft out of the way until you need them! This gambrel barn structure  also has the ability to be turn into a spacious man cave, she-shed, getaway camping shed, or future tiny home!

*Pictured with upgraded Porch Package and Shed Window


  • 50 Year LP SmartSide Siding.
  • 50 Year LP Smartside Trim
  • 40 Year Weather XL Metal Roof
  • 30 Year Shingle Roof
  • Lifetime WeatherShield Pressure Treated Floor
  • Shwerwin Williams Paint  |Two Colors
  • 50 Year LP 3’4″ Floor Sheathing
  • Vented Gables
  • Heavy Duty Door Hinges
  • Keyed Latch With Two Keys
  • 6’x6′ Double Access Doors
  • SPF 16” On Center Wall Framing
  • 6’4″ Sidewalls And 42″ Gable Height

Premium products used on Lofted Sheds

Sherwin Williams ® Superpaint®
Certainteed™ Landmark® Shingles
Weather XL™ Premium Roofing Metal
LP® SmartSide® Siding Panels 
LP SmartSide® Cedar Grain Trim
Thick 3/4″ Floor Sheathing
Weathershield™ Treated Wood Products

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Lofted Sheds Pricing

Not including sales tax  *Note 12 wide buildings are measured eave to eave per dot regulations.

8×8    $2299 | RTO $114
8×12  $2599 | RTO $129
8×16  $3099 | RTO $154

10×12 $3,099 | RTO $154
10×16 $3,599 | RTO $179
10×20 $4,199 | RTO  $209
10×24 $4,799 | RTO $238

12×12  $3,699 | RTO $184
12×16  $4,299 | RTO $213
12×20  $4,799 | RTO $238
12×24  $5,599  | RTO $278
12×28  $6,399 | RTO $317
12×32  $6,999 | RTO $347
12×36  $7,399 | RTO $367
12×40  $7,899 | RTO $392

14×16 $6,399 | RTO $317
14×20 $6,599 | RTO $327
14×24 $7,199 | RTO $357
14×28 $8,099 | RTO $402
14×32 $9,099 | RTO $451
14×36 $9,799 | RTO $486
14×40 $10,299 | RTO $511

Upgrades & Packages

Our ramp package allows ease of access for walking up inside your shed! It’s great for a heavy riding lawn mower or other lawn equipment. Includes a 6’ wide by 5’ long pressure treated shed ramp put together with long lasting galvanized fasteners. Our ramp package is $269. Price includes the ramp, hardware and installation by delivery specialist.

The Workshop Package has several great features you will enjoy.  A roomy work space table, triple shelving, and pegboard so various tools can be organized conveniently. Included Power Package makes the Workshop Package a attractive option for people looking to get the most out of their dream space. The place to organize and work on your hobbies DIY project awaits! Our Workshop Package is a great addition for your dream shed. The Workshop Package is $699


  • 8’ long x 24” work space table
  • 8’ of pegboard above work space table
  • 8’ set of 3 tier shelves
  • One 24×36 aluminum window
  • Included Power Package | 3 receptacles, 2 light fixtures, 1 switch.

Our shed Anchor Packages help protect your shed against high wind gusts and are required in some municipalities. The shed anchor package includes 4 heavy duty steel anchors, augured into the soil with a specialized earth anchor driver. The shed is then secured to the anchors with steel cables or chain. Anchor Package includes hardware, labor and installation and is $269

Our Organizer Package comes with everything you need to store and organize, giving you a space to work on the things that are important to you in your backyard! Let’s work together to make a space for your tools and equipment for your lawn and garden activities! The Organizer Package is $399


  • 8′ long work space table
  • 8′ of pegboard above table
  • 8′ set of strong triple shelves
  • 2 shed windows for light

If you want to be able to flip a switch when you need some light to work on your projects or find a item then this very popular shed power package is for you!  $449 + sales tax.

The power package includes:

  • Standard gauge electrical wire coated in protective PVC plastic.
  • 3 receptacles with plate covers
  • 2 lights fixtures with bulbs
  • 1 switch by access door
  • All fixtures feature protective cover plates

Our Garage Package feature quality overhead garage doors. Available on buildings sized 10×16 and above. Overhead Garage Door Package is $999

Standard Garage Package Features Include:

  • White aluminum overhead garage door
  • Garage door opening of 8′ wide by 6’9″ high on 10’ wide buildings
  • Garage door opening of 9’ wide by 6’9” high on 12’ wide buildings
  • Garage door opening of 9’ wide by 6’9” high on 14’ wide buildings
  • Upgraded 2×6 treated floor joists spaced 16” on center
  • ¾” inch thick floor sheathing product
  • High walls 7’4” studs on sheds  (Wall height remains the same on Classic Barn Series)
  • Garage door threshold
  • 36” wide single entry wood door

*Pictured with Upgraded Garage Door Ramp Available for $349 

Our shed porch packages come in 4’ and 6’ depths. We personally think a 6’ porch is more functional as it allows more room for a couple chairs or decorations. But it’s up to you because the 4’ and 6’ porch depths are the same investment! Our regular porch package is on the gable of shed and is $999

  • 4 foot or 6 foot porch on gable end of shed
  • Treated deck boards standard
  • High quality galvanized fasteners
  • 16 feet of treated porch railing
  • Treated wood with a 2 in one sealer and stain
  • 36 inch wide access in railing for walk through
  • 4×4 treated posts
  • Single entry walk in door on porch replaces double doors on shed

12×20 Ranch Shed Pictured with 4′ Porch Package.

*12×24 Lofted Barn pictured with 6′ deep Porch Package

The transom dormer is truly beautiful and a work of real craftsmanship. The Transom Dormer Package is $1199


  • Transom dormer is professionally sealed and flashed.
  •  Special flashing is used to ensure no future leaks!
  • Three transom windows for buildings 16 feet long.
  • Four transom windows on 20 feet long and above.

This attractive package is a great option for people looking for more in their shed structure! We can design and build your perfect studio space to work, study, teach, or relax! If your looking for a home office, man cave, she shed, tiny home, guest villa, business office, getaway shed, homeschooling office, camping cabin or other multi use climate controlled structure, Sheds By Design can help you accomplish your goals and get you your dream space on your property! Available on select structures and sizes. Price can vary depending on details of interior shed design Contact Us for custom home office quote!

If you’re dreaming of finishing out your shed into a climate controlled space for your future man cave, home office, tiny home, or other multi-use structure, the Insulated Floor Package might be a good option so your structure is ready for your future plans.
We offer a joist insulation foil product that has a air insulation value of R-4 and reflects 96% of radiant heat energy back to its source. This product also serves as a moisture vapor barrier between your shed floor joists and the inside of your shed, a good choice for someone who lives in a Piedmont city such as someone wanting a shed in Charlotte NC, or a shed in Rock Hill SC.  The Insulated Floor Package is $1.69 a sq ft.
Another option is to more than double the insulation value with a polystyrene foam board installed between the joists that is has a insulation value of R-10 for $2.75 a sq ft. This would be a good option for someone where elevation is higher and more extreme winter temperatures might be encountered on a regular basis such as someone wanting a shed in Asheville NC, Morganton NC, or Banner Elk NC.

Shed Doors

Additional 36” Single Wood Door $129

Additional 36” Single Wood Door with Transom Glass $199

Additional Double Wood Doors No Glass $269

Additional Double Wood Doors With Transom Glass $399

Fiberglass Slab Door  $229

Fiberglass Slab Single Door  9 lite $329

Fiberglass Slab Single Door 11 Lite $329

Fiberglass Slab Single Door 4 lite $329

Shed Windows 

24”x36” Aluminum Vertical Slider Window $110

36”x36” Aluminum Vertical Slider Window $160

10”x10” Aluminum Square Window $55

10”x24” Transom window $55

10”x30” Transom window $60

Insulated Doors

These are the pre-hung doors you would find on houses. For people who plan to finish their shed out these are attractive options. Doors include an aluminum threshold and rubber insulation gaskets and 2″ insulated doors. These doors come with lifetime warranty. These door are all in-swing* and right swing the most common way you enter most doors.

36” Solid prehung door no glass $379
36” Prehung door with 9 lite glass $479
36” Prehung door with 11 lite glass $479

*Left Swing doors area available, however they are special order for $75 dollars and add 2 weeks of lead time to  regular order lead time.

Insulated Windows 

Double pane gas filled windows that people use on houses. If you plan to climate control your building in the future these can help keep the AC or the heat inside. These are single hung meaning the bottom part of the window opens for fresh air or for you to install a air conditioner unit in the lower half of the window.

24″x36″ Insulated Window $269
30″x36″ insulated window $299
36″x40″ Inulated window  $399

 12” inch 3 tier shelves a linear foot $9.99
16” inch 3 tier shelves per linear foot $12.99
24” inch deep workspace table per linear foot $14.99
Additional loft space per square foot $3.49
Upgrade to 2×6 treated joists,  per square foot $0.65
Upgrade to 12” inch on center joists, per square foot $0.65
Pegboard, per linear foot $9.99
Weed Wacker Hook $49
Ridge vent, per linear foot $12.99
Handmade Cedar Grain Wood Shutters, per pair $59
Flower boxes, each $49
Outside security light $149 when bundled electric package
Solid painted accent doors $99

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