How To Get Your Shed HOA Approved In Charlotte, North Carolina | Quick Guide 


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Step 1.  Read your HOA Bylaws & HOA Covenants! 

Materials matter!  Outdoor Storage Shed materials are generally supposed to match the overall look and quality materials of your home.  METAL SIDED SHEDS are generally BANNED from HOAs.  CHEAP PLASTIC SHEDS are also BANNED in many HOAs.  Those are the 2 most common shed types banned from HOA communities in NC that we see.  Painted Wooden Sheds, Sheds With LP Smartside Vinyl Sheds, Hardi Sided Sheds, Lap Sided Sheds, Stained Sheds are allowed in many HOAs. Underpinning and shed tie down requirements for sheds may also be something you want to be aware of!  HOA shed rules may seem hard to understand but getting a shed HOA approved is easy if you read and follow the HOA shed guidelines carefully.  At Sheds By Design we use home grade materials to build your shed and offer many colors of shed paint to match your home, so you have the best chance at getting HOA approval for a shed in NC.




Step 2.  Know What your HOA Shed Size Allowances, Setback requirements, and Color Matching! 

What is the maximum size of a shed for a HOA? It varies A LOT! HOA shed size allowances vary quite a bit! Some HOAs allow sizes from 10×10, 10×12, 10×14, 10×16, 10×18, 10×20, 12×12, 12×14, 12×16, 12×18, 12×20, 12×22, 12×24 and larger! Other HOA shed rules only allow sizes from 8×8, 8×10, 8×12 8×14. Look up your HOA bylaws for storage shed installations!   Many HOAs regulations require for sheds to match house color!  Shed Design and construction contractors will need to make Shingles, Paint Color, and Siding color on your custom storage shed match your home! Custom color matching shed to house is easy with Sherwin Williams color codes or other brand codes!



Step 3. Design Your Shed Using our 3D Shed Builder! 

Design your custom shed Using our easy to use 3D SHED BUILDER APP!  The shed drawing program allows you to choose from our selection of HOA approved size sheds, select custom paint, custom shingles, and custom trim colors! Add windows, ramps, workbenches and lofts! Prices for small sheds, medium sheds, and large sheds sizes are all displayed in the 3D SHED BUILDER APP. Save your shed design with printable pictures to show your HOA the shed design you plan to put in your backyard.  If there is something your HOA requires that you do not see in the 3D SHED BUILDER APP, (special siding etc)  Call us at 980-399-5019 and we can get you a quote for it! 



Step 4. Submit your custom shed design and site plan to the Architectural Review Committee at your HOA!

Submit your custom storage shed design and a site plan of where the building will go in your yard. They generally require storage buildings to be behind the house, although if you have a differently shaped lot they may approve a special placement.  Many HOAs require setbacks for storage sheds. 5’ ft to 10’ ft back from property lines and not over septic drain fields. You may need to print your site plan and sketch in where you plan to place your shed on your lot.   Architectural Review Committees Generally approve or deny a project within 30 days.


Step 5. Wait Patiently! 

Timeline To Getting A Shed Approved By HOA board, then wait for approval!  In the meantime you can just enjoy thinking about all the extra space you will soon have with your new HOA Approved Storage Shed!  HOA Boards can approve your project in as little as a week, or it can take 30-45 days! It depends on when you submit the HOA Architectural Review Committee! It also depends on when the board meets each month! 




If your shed project is APPROVED, Congratulations! your ready to place a deposit and we will get building your durable outdoor shed!  If your shed plans ARE CONDITIONAL / PENDING, you may need to change something like a color before final approval.  If  you were DENIED, Talk To Your HOA Board!  Just because you were initially denied does NOT mean your project is doomed, you may just need to adjust something on the site plan, placement in yard, size of building, siding type, etc!  If your project is denied and there is a reasonable way forward we will try to do everything we can do adjust shed design so that you can re-submit for a chance for approval so you can get the cute storage shed, garden shed, or she shed you want and need in your yard!



Recent Projects In HOAs where our customers have had their custom storage sheds built by Sheds By Design APPROVED!*

Cherry Grove HOA | Mooresville NC   Heritage Neal Ranch HOA | Mooresville NC  Hawthorne Management Group Charlotte NC  Planters Walk HOA  | Charlotte NC  Catawba Shores Estates POA Rock Hill SC  Wellesley HOA HOA Mooresville NC  The Woodlands HOA | Mooresville NC  Morrison Plantation HOA Mooresville NC  | Autumn Grove HOA / Cedar Management Mooresville NC  | Henderson Association Management Annandale Community  Indian Trail NC  | 

*This is not an exhaustive list, nor a guarantee that your custom shed design and installation will be approved in these or other NC or SC HOA’s.  Each building, property layout, and backyard is different, and HOA shed rules and guidelines can change over time. But we have had very good success working with these and others! Following HOA shed guidelines for successful shed design and installation approvals!


 Call Sheds By Design at 980-399-5019 if you have any questions about HOA shed approval!