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Why Choose A Home Office?

If your needing a quiet space to get away from the noise of the kids and focus on productivity than a turnkey finished out home office studio shed could be just what what you need! Commute across the yard to a place where you can focus! Home Office studio sheds in NC include insulated floors, walls, & rafters so you can easily climate control the space. The home offices also come with insulated house doors and house windows. The interior has finish out details that include paneling, painted white interior as well as power outlets and a vinyl wood grain floor product. You can customize your home office window and door placement with our online estimate & 3D design tool!

Quality Building Materials Used On Home Offices

40 Year Weather XL™ Roofing Metal | Lifetime 50 Year LP® 3/4″ Thick Floor Sheathing | Quality Sherwin Williams® Paint | Lifetime Weathershield™ Treated Joists| 50 Year LP® SmartSide® Siding | 50 Year LP SmartSide® Trim

Home Office Pricing

Base prices with standard features, not including sales tax. No credit check Rent-To-Own payments “RTO” based on 48 month plan. Monthly payments do not include sales tax. Security deposit required to start rent to own sheds plan.  

8×8 | 64 SQ FT  | $5249 | RTO $221 
8×12 | 96 SQ FT | $7828 | RTO $313
8×16  | 128 SQ FT | $10,348 | RTO $414
8×20  | 160 SQ FT | $12,343 | RTO $494

10×10 | 100 SQ FT | $8143 | RTO $326
10×12 | 120 SQ FT |  $9718 | RTO $389
10×12 | 140 SQ FT |  $11293 | RTO $452
10×16 | 160 SQ FT | $12,868 | RTO $515
10×20 | 200 SQ FT |  $16,018 | RTO $641


Shed Size Disclaimer for 12' Sheds

* Please note that 8’, 10’ and 14’ wide sheds are measured wall to wall, while 12’ wide sheds are measured across eaves due to NC DOT regulations.

  • R-13 Insulated Walls
  • R-13 Insulated Rafters
  • R-8 Insulated Floor
  • 1 Insulated 9 Lite House Door
  • 3 24″x36″ Insulated House Windows
  • Interior Wall Paneling
  • Paint Interior Paneling White
  • Interior Vinyl Wood Grain Floor Product
  • Electrical 3 Outlets, 2 Lights, and On / Off Switch
  • 6’4″  Standard Wall Height
  • 6/12 Pitch Roof
  • 50 Year LP SmartSide Siding
  • 50 Year LP SmartSide Trim
  • 40 Year Weather XL Metal Roof
  • Lifetime Pressure Treated Joists
  • 2×4 Joints On 8″ Wide Buildings
  • 2×6 Joists on 10′ 12′ 14′ Wide Buildings
  • Two Colors Sherwin Williams Paint
  • 50 Year LP 3/4″ Inch Thick Floor Sheathing

Upgrades & Packages

Our Ramp Packages allows ease of access for walking up inside your home office studio shed in NC! Pressure treated ramps rated for ground contact are put together with heavy duty galvanized fasteners.

Ramp Package for single 36″ entry door $200

Our shed Anchor Packages helps secure your shed to the ground and helps protect against high wind gusts. Some municipalities require your storage shed building be anchored. The Anchor Package includes 4 heavy duty steel ground anchors. Anchor Package is $269 and includes hardware, labor. and installation.

Insulated Doors

These are the pre-hung doors you would find on houses. For people who plan to finish their shed out these are attractive options. Doors include an aluminum threshold and rubber insulation gaskets and 2″ insulated doors. These doors come with lifetime warranty. These door are all in-swing* and right swing the most common way you enter most doors.

36” Solid prehung door no glass $379
36” Prehung door with 9 lite glass $479
36” Prehung door with 11 lite glass $479

*Left Swing doors area available, however they are special order for $75 dollars and add 2 weeks of lead time to  regular order lead time.

Insulated Windows 

Double pane gas filled windows that people use on houses. If you plan to climate control your building in the future these can help keep the AC or the heat inside. These are single hung meaning the bottom part of the window opens for fresh air or for you to install a air conditioner unit in the lower half of the window.

24″x36″ Insulated Window $269
30″x36″ insulated window $299
36″x40″ Inulated window  $399

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