Compact & Garden Sheds NC

Why Choose A Compact Shed?

If your looking for a small garden shed for your yard the Compact Sheds could be a perfect fit!  These small yard sheds come in several sizes, 6×6 6×8 6×10 & 6×12. A compact shed is perfect for storing your small push mower, bicycles, lawn and garden tools, and other supplies!









The Compact Shed is made with quality lumber, and 50 year LP Smartside siding for long lasting durability! Buy a Compact Shed for years of dependable storage in your backyard! Compact Sheds will fit through most 7′ and 8′ gates that are designed for vehicle entrance. This allows us to deliver and install them fully built through gates that do not have enough width access for 8′ 10′ or 12′ wide sheds. Get the storage you need today that’s just the right size to fit in any nook of your lawn or garden!