Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s work together and build the shed of your dreams for your backyard! 

What Is The Process Leading Up To Finalizing A Shed Order?2020-01-04T02:40:49+00:00

When you contact us for a shed quote, we will listen to what you have been wanting in a shed and help you decide your best path forward. People use sheds for many different things and we understand that. We will tailor your shed to your needs. We will email you a quote, installation agreement, and color samples for you to review. We will also confirm your site is accessible for a pre-built unit or if we will need to come and build on your site. If you want us to adjust anything like size of the building, or features and packages we can do that. We work with you in a collaborative approach to help you accomplish your goals! Once all the detail are worked through and you decide if you want to move forward, we can take a deposit and get your dream shed started!

You’re also welcome to come by our business location to look at our shed models and have us help you design your own custom shed right here. Buying a shed is a big decision and we want to make sure we get everything right before we take a deposit and start your shed order.  We take cash, check, debit and credit cards. We also have rent-to-own sheds program with no credit check.  Get Your Quote!

Google Maps Sheds By Design 14040 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland NC 27013  | A Shed Specialist Is Waiting To Talk! 1-800-721-4095

How Long Does It Take To Get My Shed?2019-10-31T02:59:59+00:00

Depending on the details of the order it can vary! We try our best to get your shed in as timely of a manner as possible! Special order parts like doors or windows can affect lead time. Weather events like a week of rainy days can also change lead time. We will try to keep you posted if lead time changes for any reason during your order.  In the time you are waiting for your shed to be built you can prepare your shed site and be ready for your special shed arrival! Call Us 1-800-721-4095 or Email silas@shedsbydesign.com to tell us what you need in a your shed for a accurate lead time for your shed!

What Is Your Service Area?2019-12-09T04:35:50+00:00

We serve clients all over the Western and Central NC, and small parts of SC, VA, and TN. This map is our regular service area, about 100 miles or 2 hours drive from our shed shop. We are located about ten minutes from the i-40 and i-77 interchange in Statesville NC.

Contact Us Today For Your Shed Quote! 

Our Address:  Sheds By Design, 14040 Cool Springs Rd, Cleveland NC, 27013

Call: 1-800-721-4095 for a free consultation, a Shed Specialist is waiting to talk!






Do I Need To Prepare The Shed Foundation Site?2019-10-23T05:19:36+00:00

Your help is greatly appreciated! First of all make sure there is a clear and accessible path to the destination of the shed in the yard.  No trees, branches, wires, septic lines, fences, vehicles, waterlogged soil, or any other obstacles blocking or preventing shed delivery or on-site build. We have many ways to set your shed where it needs to go, read here for a short article on site prep. Shed Foundations 101 


Do I Need To Re-Paint My Shed Often?2019-10-31T04:15:45+00:00

We use a lifetime warranty (25 years adhesion promise) Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, (This paint retails for $64 a gallon!!!) it’s tough and durable and used on houses nationwide. It should easily last until you decide change the color of your shed.

What Is Included With Shed Installation?2019-10-23T05:13:04+00:00

Labor for one hour, Leveling of the building up to 24″ max is included with 2″ 4″ and 8″ concrete blocks.  The more level the site the better! its in your best interest as a shed owner to have site as level as possible. if the ground slopes down, you will want your doors for access to be on the high side of the ground.  The sample picture is a shed with a 24″ max high set at the rear. You do not want your doors on the low side in this situation or you will be building a staircase to access your building!  The ground can slope more than you realize or your eye can detect. Use a line level to determine the slope of your site.  More tips for preparing your site here – Shed Foundations 101 

We also have Anchor Packages available for purchase to provide increased resistance to high wind gusts and shifting.


How Does Rent To Own Sheds Work?2019-10-23T05:11:48+00:00

Rent To Own programs are flexible programs that allow you to rent the storage shed space you need in your backyard with early purchase options or ownership at the end of the consecutive payments. (Usually 24-36-48 months for sheds)  There is more information available here in this article  7 Things You Must Know Before Rent To Own A Shed! To get your shed delivered you just need to make first months payment and place a small security deposit and we will bring out the shed to your property. Message Us for more details! or call 1-800-721-4095 to start the process of getting the storage you need in your backyard!

What Kind Of Shed Framing Lumber Do You Use?2019-11-01T05:08:06+00:00

For shed wall framing, we use 2×4 framing lumber, the same that is used to construct homes. Whitewood Spruce Pine Fir. (SPF)

For the shed floor framing we use Pressure Treated (PT) Southern Yellow Pine. (SYP) in 2×4 and 2×6 shed joist options.


What Is Included In The Posted Prices Of Your Sheds?2019-10-23T05:07:27+00:00

Posted prices you see on our website represent a prefabricated shed, able to be delivered already built via truck and trailer. All the built-in core features listed for each series are included. The shed floor is included, paint application is included. Complimentary delivery for 50 miles is included. Standard setup with concrete blocks up to 24″ on low side of slope, labor and installation, and a 5-year warranty on new buildings is included. If your needing a stick-built on-site shed, Contact Us and we will be happy to give you a custom quote!

What If I Want A Special Order Shed Item?2019-11-01T05:04:27+00:00

We have many available upgrades listed on our site. For people who have specific needs for a custom shed window or shed door, or other items on their shed building we can custom quote special order items like these french doors that we were able to get for our client from our door distributor.  Keep in mind specialty windows or doors do add cost and lead time to your shed order.

How Much Clearance Do I Need For Prefab Shed Delivery?2019-12-24T19:46:20+00:00

If you have an area that your worried a shed might not fit through, get your trusty household tape measure out!

If the opening you want to bring shed through is 3’ wider than your building it should be enough for a prefab shed building.  For example, a 8’ wide building will go comfortably through an 11’ gate. If opening or gate is not 3’ wider than the building, an option is to remove a tree or section of a fence so that the clearance opening is 3’ wider than building width. If you are not able to do that then you might want to consider an on-site stick-built shed.


In this sample photo, with 14′ of clearance we were just able to deliver a 10′ wide shed to our client.

In this sample photo, with only 10′ of clearance, there was no way we were going to deliver a 12×16 prefab shed, so we built on-site for our client in this situation.



Why Would I Need To Have A Shed Built On My Site?2019-11-11T06:25:12+00:00

Watch this short video about why you would consider a on site built shed.

We offer stick built on site shed buildings for unique property situations were a truck, trailer, and mule machine cannot access your yard. Due to the more labor-intensive nature of on-site builds, and different property scenarios, we do not have list prices, instead, we evaluate your property situation and give you a custom quote. We’re here to help you.   Message us about your property situation now!







Do You Offer Junk Shed Removal Services?2019-11-07T14:18:56+00:00

There is a veteran owned business we are working with to tear down and take to the landfill old ugly shed structures of small sizes that have served their purpose and need to go so you can move forward with your backyard renovation plans with confidence. Contact Us For Shed Removal Quote!


What Is LP SmartSide® Shed Siding?2019-11-01T05:02:13+00:00
Sheds By Design LP Sided Shed

Sheds By Design LP Sided Craftsman Style Shed


Here at Sheds By Design, We have chosen to use LP SmartSide® siding products if it is listed in the core features of the shed series your interested in. LP SmartSide® with SmartGuard® was tested in the jungles of Hilo, Hawaii next to termite colonies and moisture. These products carry a 5/50 year warranty and are used on houses nationwide. Waxes, resins, and zinc borate and final overlay and primer create a protective and long-lasting siding that will stand the test of time and protect your items from the elements. This siding is termite and rot resistant and also safe for pets and children. This siding is also warrantied against 2″ hailstones, it can take anything you can throw at it, literally!



Watch this incredible Tested By NASA 1 minute video of LP SmartSide being shown to be more impact resistant than fiber cement board!






What Material Brands Are Incorporated Your Sheds?2019-11-01T05:13:53+00:00

Here are some of the quality brand products we incorporate into the custom sheds we build. We want to make sure you receive a long lasting and attractive shed for your backyard, and these quality brands help us accomplish that for you!

Sherwin Williams® Premium Paint Products | LP® Building Products | CertainTeed™ Shingle Products | CertainTeed® Siding Products | Owens Corning® Insulation Products | GP® Products | Weather XL™ Roofing Metal | WeatherShield™ Treated Wood Products | StoraEenzo® Framing Lumber | Stallinger® Framing Lumber  | Magnum® Fasteners |  NPC® High Performance Sealers | Holzindustrie Schweighofer® Lumber | Home Depot® Decking | Lowes® House Wrap



What Warranty Is Included With My Shed Purchase?2019-10-18T01:29:28+00:00

We use high quality materials that will stand the test of time to protect your shed investment. In addition to the material warranties you get on your shed we offer a Sheds By Design 5 Year Craftsmanship Warranty to give you peace of mind. We’ve got you covered with great materials and solid shed designs that will last.


Some of the brands and warranties that are incorporated into various styles of sheds we build.

  • Sherwin Williams SuperPaint with a Lifetime Warranty
  • LP Smartside with Smartguard process 5/50 materials and labor Warranty
  • Weather XL metal roofs with a 40-year Warranty
  • CertainTeed Landmark shingles with Lifetime Warranty
  • WeatherShield pressure treated wood products with Lifetime Warranty.


Do You Need To Do Shed Site Checks?2019-11-29T06:19:00+00:00

If a shed is going in the middle of a field or very open yard we usually do not, our concern is a narrow driveway, fences, low hanging wires, tree limbs or other obstacles. We can look at pictures you send us,  or if it’s needed come and look at your shed site to determine if you can get a pre-fab shed delivered or if you need a built on-site shed. We will work with you so you can move forward and get the shed of your dreams in your backyard!

Do I Need A Building Permit For A Shed In North Carolina?2019-11-01T05:06:51+00:00

You are responsible to check with your HOA, county, or city for any restrictions and to obtain any necessary permits. Sheds by Design does not pull any permits for your shed.

Here is a handy article we wrote for you as well, Do I Need A building Permit For A Shed In In North Carolina?

What Size Shed Do I Need For My Items?2019-10-23T04:21:51+00:00

A common question we hear from clients is that they’re not sure how to choose the size of their shed!  We suggest getting out your trusty tape measure and getting a feel of the height, depth, and widths of the items you wish to store. Things usually take up more room than you realize! Our most popular sizes many people choose include 10×12 12×16 and 12×20 If you have a oversize item, or LOTS of items message us and we can help you decide what size might work best for your situation.

How Many Colors Are Available For Painted Sheds?2019-11-01T04:59:54+00:00

We offer 18 popular colors of Sherwin Williams® SuperPaint® with a lifetime warranty. (This paint retails for $64 a gallon!!)  If you want colors that are even more specific to your house color or other outbuildings due to preference or because you live in an HOA community that requires very close color matches we offer as service special order colors. A custom siding color is $69 and and a custom trim colors is $69 or $138 for both. Just get us the SW-0000 codes for your selected custom colors and we will make it happen!  Sherwin Williams® also has a fun and convenient app to help you decide colors for your setting called ColorSnap®  You can take a picture of your house or other buildings and the app will suggest compatible colors  for you to choose for your painted wood shed.

App Store   Download Sherwin Williams® ColorSnap®

Google Play  Download Sherwin Williams®  ColorSnap®




How Many Colors Metal Shed Roofing Are Available?2019-11-01T05:00:35+00:00

We have partnered with a local metal company, On-Time Metal LLC to provide you 18 colors of Weather XL metal with Sherwin Williams coil coatings. This durable paint coating has a 20-30-40 warranty.  20-year rust-through, 30-year chalk and fade, and 40-year adhesion warranty and is also Energy Star rated. A Weather XL® metal roof with Sherwin Williams® Coil Coatings is an excellent choice for a sharp looking and maintenance-free shed roof.


How Many Colors Of Shed Shingles Are Available?2019-11-01T05:01:28+00:00

We offer 18 colors of lifetime warranty CertainTeed Landmark architectural shingles with a 10-year SureStart® materials and labor warranty. Shingles also have a and a 10-year Streakfighter®  algae-resistant warranty. These shingles are also warrantied against 130 mile per hour wind gusts, durable and long lasting for your shed roof.

What Should I Expect During Shed Delivery And Installation?2019-11-01T05:41:19+00:00

For a pre-built shed building, a shed will be brought out to your property on specialized a truck and trailer. We need enough side to side clearance and height clearance to navigate shed into place. The more open the shed site the better! If your not sure about access to your site, we do offer complimentary site checks to help you know the best way to move forward to getting your dream shed! Get A Pre-Built Shed Quote!

Built on site sheds are more more labor and time intensive, We custom quote on site builds and offer this service to our valued clients. This has been a lifesaver for people to be able to get their dream shed in their backyard! Get A Stick Built On Your Site Quote! 

Do You Have Pay In Cash Shed Discounts?2019-11-28T17:14:45+00:00

Yes we do!

If you would like to pay for your shed with a traditional check or drop off cash at our physical location we can help you out with a pay in cash discounts Contact Us to find out how much you can save if you pay with cash or check!

Do Stick Built On Site Sheds Include Paint Application?2019-11-26T00:34:47+00:00

We offer non painted build on sites (where the siding only has its factory grey primed surface) and also turnkey paint application from our 18 colors of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint! We custom quote based on size of shed.

On Site Builds That Include Paint Application in NC

Sheds By Design on site shed paint application. 


What Is Included With The Storage Shed Prices?2020-03-29T22:36:03+00:00

Our online storage shed prices represent a prefab shed structure delivered on truck and trailer.  The shed floor is included, paint application is included, concrete blocks for standard setup is included as well as all the other core features that come in the shed product your interested in. Delivery costs can vary based on zip code and delivery address. Get Your Pre-Built Shed Quote Today!



Why Should I Buy From Sheds By Design?2019-12-02T01:28:02+00:00
  • We Help You Get the Shed Of Your Dreams In Your Backyard!
  • We’re Family Owned | 10 + Years Shed Building Experience
  • We Focus On Serving Local North Carolina Shed Customers
  • Amazing Service! Before, During, And After Shed Installation
  • Durable Long Lasting Materials Are Used To Build Your Shed
  • We Offer Affordable Storage Shed Pricing And Rent To Own Sheds
  • Reviews From Other Clients Who Love Our Sheds And Our Service!



Will You Help Me Meet My HOA Requirements For A Shed?2019-11-08T01:55:18+00:00

Yes we will!

Our HOA Approved storage sheds have been delivered to some of the strictest Home Owners Associations and Property Owners Associations  in NC and SC!  Whether you need color matching,  a siding style match, an anchor package, or certain size requirements like an 8×12 or 10×12, we will work with you to accomplish your goals and gain approval from your HOA or POA board so you get the storage shed you want in your backyard!

How Do I Place A Shed Order?2019-11-08T01:48:42+00:00

Buying a Shed is as simple as 123! Select the building style and size you would like, choose your upgrades like extra windows or any of our popular packages, and give us those details & Get Your Quote!

We will send you the documents you need to review! | We offer a No Credit Check Rent To Own program! | Call  1-800-721-4095 for immediate assistance!  | Fast Email Support  | silas@shedsbydesign.com


How Long Will A Sheds By Design Building Last?2019-11-08T01:47:07+00:00

If maintained properly, a Sheds By Design structure will last as long as your house. The quality of manufactured wood materials today far exceeds the quality available in the past. The quality materials we choose to use on our sheds are used on houses nationwide across the USA.


What Services Do You Provide?2019-12-23T22:20:15+00:00

Barn Design & Construction, Custom Storage Sheds, Custom Storage Buildings, Custom Sheds | Build On Site Sheds | Shed Builder, Detached Garage, Modular Garage, Tiny Home Construction, Home Office, Gazebo Design & Construction, Pergola Construction, Shed Design & Construction, Detached Sunroom Design & Construction, | Shed Moves, Shed Delivery | Rent To Own Sheds | Portable Storage Building Service |

What Clearance Do I Need For Prefab Shed Delivery?2020-01-04T02:38:37+00:00

We recommend 4-5 ft of clearance for shed delivery if there is a nice straight shot for shed trailer to back in and set shed. If sharp turns are required to set shed,  significantly more clearance may be needed! Consult with you Sheds By Design expert right here in NC about your shed delivery or stick built on site shed options! 1-800-721-4095

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