Frequently Asked Questions

You Design, We Build!

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You Design, We Build!

The Shed You Need Is One Click Away!
Design My Shed
How Do I Get A Quote?

We offer convenient online estimates with our 3D Shed Designer Tool! Choose your style, size, colors, and upgrades and submit! One of our shed specialists will then reach out to you to review! Once all your questions are answered you can then place a deposit and order your shed online! We serve Charlotte, NC Metro and beyond! 

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Do You Offer Rent To Own?

Yes! We offer flexible rent to own payment options! Our no credit check rent to own program. Our rent to own sheds have affordable monthly payments!

We Offer: 

  • No credit check 24 month Rent-To-Own 
  • No credit check 36 month Rent-To-Own 
  • No credit check 48 month Rent-To-Own 
  • No credit check 60 month Rent-To-Own

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Do You Offer Shed Financing?

Yes! We offer credit based shed finance up to $20,000 

Here’s how the process works for getting shed financing! 

  • Design your shed or choose a in stock shed!
  • Confirm Site Access! (That A Fully Built Storage Shed Can Be Delivered To Your Backyard
  • Get A Out The Door Online Shed Quote Based On Your Delivery Address!
  • Apply For Shed Finance & Get Approved! 
  • We Build Your Shed In Our Shop! 
  • We Deliver & Install Your Shed! 





What Is Your Service Area?

We serve clients all over central and western NC & parts of SC, VA, and TN. We are located close to the i-40 and i-77 interchange in Statesville, NC. Start your online 3D estimate and submit for review! One of our consultants will be in touch to get you a out the door delivered price to your address!

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What Is Your Warranty?

Every new Sheds By Design building comes with a 10 Year Warranty! Ask your Sheds By Design representative for more warranty details at purchase!

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What is Your Turnaround Time?

Our turnaround time varies based on if a building is in stock or made to order, the type of building ordered and time of year the building is ordered (seasonal busy and slow seasons) We always tell people the sooner you place your order the sooner your building gets in line to be built and delivered! 

Click Here To Start Online 3D Shed Estimate! and submit for review, one of our specialists will be in touch to go over your site access and give you most up to date turnaround time. 

How Does Rent-To-Own Work?

We offer a Rent-To-Own storage sheds program. Our rent-to-own program provides you with convenient portable buildings delivered to your location, in your choice of styles and colors. No loan, no credit check, just a simple month to month rental. You can purchase the shed early at anytime during the rental term, or take possession of the unit after making the consecutive payments of the Rent-To-Own terms. There is no penalty to cancel the rental agreement if the unit is no longer needed. Have your own choice of storage building, in your own backyard now! Fast delivery, flexible rental agreement and affordable path to ownership!

Click Here To Start Your 3D Shed Design to view rent-to-own monthly payment options!

What space is required for delivery?

We recommend 2′-3′ ft of clearance on each side of shed to go through fences, trees, etc.  That’s 4′-6′ more clearance width than the width of the building itself. 8′ wide ft building would require 12-14 ft clearance, 10′ wide building would require 14-16 ft clearance, 12′ wide building would require 16-18 ft clearance. That’s if delivery situation is ideal with a nice straight shot to bring in building. If sharp turns need to be made while building is brought through clearance area, more space may be needed! Consult with Sheds By Design for your specific shed delivery situation.

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How strong are your shed floors?

Very Strong! They are made with pressure treated 4×6 skid runners, Pressure Treated 2×6 joists on 10′, 12′, and 14′ wide widths, (Pressure Treated 2×4 on 8′ widths) Durable 3/4ths inch thick 50 year floor sheathing is installed over that. The prefab shed floor system then sits on concrete blocks, gravel pad or concrete pad. Here are 2 videos of us testing the strength of the pressure treated shed floor / foundation! A truck and a bobcat rolling over our strong prefabricated shed floor pad! If it can handle these it can definitely handle the weight of your zero turn or riding mower storage, boat storage, antique vehicle storage, side by side, ATV, 4x4s and more!!   Click here to start your online 3D shed estimate! 

Are your sheds HOA approved?

Our HOA friendly storage sheds have been delivered to some of the strictest Home Owners Associations and Property Owners Associations  in NC and SC!  If you need color matching or a siding style match, such as modern lap siding, we have the options you need. We also offer HOA compliant sheds in 8×12 or 10×12, 10×16, 12×12, & 12×16 sizes.

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Do you offer military discounts?

Yes, We offer sheds with military discount! We also offer sheds with police discount, sheds with EMS discount, Sheds with Fire Department Discount! Were a local shed company with with First Responder Discounts!! We appreciate our local first responders and service members! Talk to your Sheds By Design consultant for more information! Click Here to start your design and view quote, then submit for review! A representative will be in contact to discuss applicable military / police / first responder discounts for sheds!

Do I need a building permit?

You are responsible to check with your HOA, county, or city for any restrictions and to obtain any necessary permits. Sheds by Design does not pull any permits for your shed. Requirements vary by county and municipality for shed permits in North Carolina. Design Your Shed Online and submit for review and one of our consultants will be in touch with you to discuss details like permitting and foundation preparation for your area.

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How Does Shed Delivery & Installation Work?

Fully built prefab portable sheds are loaded on a special shed hauling trailer. Once the storage building arrives at your house it is offloaded and then leveled in place in your backyard!  Some narrow access deliveries also require a special all terrain mule machine to tug the building in place.

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What Brand Of Paint Do You Use?

We use quality Sherwin Williams paint on all our structures! We offer 20 color choices that blend with most houses! With our two tone paint application, there are many options for siding and trim combinations! Beyond the 20 colors we offer, you can choose additional custom colors, just get us the  SW-0000 codes to perfectly match your house or meet HOA shed requirements for $69 per custom color.

Click Here To Start Your 3D Shed Design & Online Estimate!   Choose the colors for your building and submit for review! One of our specialists will be in touch to discuss delivery and site access preparation details! 

What kind of framing lumber do you use?

We use quality 2×4, 2×6, and 2×8 in SPF (Spruce Pine Fir) and SYP (Southern Yellow Pine) framing lumber, the same lumber that is used to build houses! We do not use the cheaper 2×3 studs you may find in sheds at big box stores.  On our shed floor system we use PT (Pressure Treated) SYP skid runners & joists that have a lifetime warranty against rot and termites!










What kind of siding do you use?

We offer 2 styles of LP SmartSide, some of the most longest lasting siding and trim available for houses, barns and sheds! We offer a standard vertical groove LP SmartSide siding, and upgraded modern LP Smartside Lap Siding Each siding style has a 5/50 year warranty, 5 years materials and labor, 50 years prorated.  Click Here To Download LP SmartSide Warranty! 

Standard LP SmartSide Siding 

Upgraded LP SmartSide Lap Siding 


Made Right For Long Lasting Durability! 

Every LP SmartSide product is treated to the core with an advanced formula of binderswaxes and zinc borate before being bonded with a water-resistant, resin-saturated overlay. This process helps to keep out moisture for long-term durability and strength against harsh weather. Only SmartGuard offers four components of protection against termites and fungal decay.


Climate Tested to the Extreme!

We have long put the durability of LP SmartSide products to the test by subjecting them to the intense moisture and thriving termite colonies of Hilo, Hawaii. It’s a harsh jungle environment with high humidity and 170 inches of rainfall annually – the ideal conditions for fungal decay. Even after many years of exposure, LP SmartSide products remain structurally sound.


LP SmartSide Siding Has Also Been Tested By NASA!



  • Waxes. Special water-resistant waxes coat each strand or fiber of wood for enhanced durability in rainy, humid environments.
  • Advanced binders. LP SmartSide Trim and Siding has incredible strength to resist impact damage thanks to industrial-grade binders and resins. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your siding can stand up to everyday airborne debris such as hail, sticks and golf balls. Your siding is warrantied against 2″ hailstones! 
  • Zinc borate. Engineered wood products treated with zinc borate have been proven to effectively resist damage from termites and fungal decay for decades. Safe for children and pets, this naturally derived additive provides long-lasting performance that preserves the beauty of LP SmartSide Trim and Siding.
  • Resin-saturated overlay. Offering the final layer of protection against the elements, a resin-saturated overlay resists moisture intrusion while providing a durable base for quality paint adhesion and beauty.
What kind of shingles do you use?

For a small upgrade from our standard 20 year metal roofing product, we offer quality 30 year architectural shingles in 5 popular colors! We offer 5 colors Charcoal Black, Weather Wood, Pewter Gray, Slate, & Brown.

Architectural Charcoal Black 



Architectural Weather Wood

Architectural Slate 

Architectural Brown 

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What kind of metal roofing do you use?

We use a Weather XL Sherwin Williams SMP Resin coating system 20 year metal! Its popular in NC, looks great, and is extremely durable against rust, leaks or UV fade! We offer 6 colors standard, and 14 more colors for a small upgrade! Click Here To Start Your 3D Shed Design & choose your shed metal roofing color!






You Design, We Build!

The Shed You Need Is One Click Away!
Design My Shed

You Design, We Build!

The Shed You Need Is One Click Away!
Design My Shed