Setting healthy fitness routines is one of the challenges of life and this past year has made it hard for us to stick to workout schedules. Changing routine is daunting, but it also brings us fantastic opportunities for growth!  We may have always gone to the gym before in NC, but now we’re seeing the possibilities of fitness from home, cutting out the extra commute, and avoiding sanitation issues at a community gym. 

The best part of a home gym is how specifically you can tailor it. Since it doesn’t have to work for dozens of others it can work specifically for you. Set yourself up for a successful home gym routine.


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Another benefit to a home-based gym shed is a separate place for working out away from the couch and the kitchen. Exercising next to the couch when you want to sit on the couch makes it hard to find motivation. A home-based gym in a custom-built shed keeps it on your property with the mental perk of getting outside your house.


The key to setting yourself up for a results-driven, fun workout routine is simple: preparation. No athlete plays without planning, and using this same simple tip can gain us momentum before we even start. We figure out what motivates us, what might stand in our way, and then tailor our workout space and fitness routine to what we need.

 Commercial gyms put thought and time into how people like to work out. You can do the same thing and better because it will be built just for you. Here’s a handy checklist and ideas for getting you started on the dream. 

  • Find the space in your backyard. Measure it and find ideas for the shape and style of gym-shed which will serve you best. 
  • Make a list of the workout equipment and gear you regularly use or might want to use. Calculate how much space you’ll need for these pieces. 
  • What motivates you. Are you creating a place for #beastmode or a peaceful yoga studio? Armed with this knowledge you can have Sheds by Design add a few extra windows in one wall, or install an electrical package to hang that flat screen TV for watching the game or news while you workout. 
  • Accessibility. Have a garage door installed at one end to give you the ease of moving gear in and out, or consider keeping it open while you host a class for friends and family. It’s a good way to increase space
  • Remember to stay on a fitness routine at home you have to take it seriously and put in the commitment to do what it takes. You can do anything, so go out there and get it! 

Dream up your perfect home-based gym shed, and Sheds by Design can turn the dream into reality for you right here in North Carolina! Click Here! to design the perfect building that you can use for your home gym shed!


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