Designing and decorating a She Shed is a fabulous way to build a mini refuge at home without breaking the bank or adding on to your home. We love spa days and shopping trips, but when it comes to a place where we can retreat to anytime we want, a She Shed is a great investment to build quality of life and property. Women have unique and individual qualities, we’re not all the same. Sheds can be the same way! Custom-built sheds give us the opportunity to paint the canvas anyway we want it. One person might be looking for an escape from work — another wants to use this as a place to focus on her home business or office. 

Designing your own shed has all the fun decisions without the pressures that come with building or renovating a home, and even if you move on from one location the shed can go where you go because of its portable nature. Since it’s designed just for you, you can make the details, design, and decor match exactly what you want. The key place to start is to know yourself:

  • What do you like
  • What is your style
  • What is going to make this a place to inspire or relax me?





1. Shed Size 

From years in this industry we can give you the heads up on this one: quite a few folks come back to the office a few months after the shed is delivered saying that it isn’t quite big enough and they may need another. Now if it’s just for your lawnmower this isn’t a big deal, but if this is a place just for you it’s good to put more thought into it. Will you put in exercise equipment, a work table, couches? Etc. If you have an idea of which couch or chair you’d like to put into the building you can measure it, and sketch a rough drawing of what you want to put into the room. Add about 10% to the space you think is needed and you’ll be about right. 

2. Start a Dream Board on Pinterest! 

Things like figuring out the size you need looks a lot like daydreaming. Not because that will tell you the size magically, but because you’ll know how you want to use the She Shed. Start with a rough idea on what we want and then fill it in with color.

  • Will you work in it? Is this for a studio shed, or place to relax? 
  • Do you need a lofted barn for storage, or shelves for organization? 
  • Do you want a painted interior, or are you more of a rustic gal? What kind of windows do you want, and how about flower boxes on those windows?
  • What are your favorite 3 colors?
  • Search “garden she shed.”

Pinterest is a wonderful place to start to get ideas on how to set up your She Shed. Set up a board just for this purpose, set a timer for 20 minutes, search for ideas on working from home, spas, she sheds, and pin everything that catches your eye. Later you can go through and figure out what attracted you to the idea and see if it’s something worth including in your own she shed. 



3. Custom Shed on Rent-to-Own 

If you were planning to cash off the shed, great! But if you find that it’s going to limit cash flow for decorating the inside or getting exactly what you want we suggest looking at Rent to Own. It’s a great way of getting to use the space without a few extra years of saving up, and because most contracts can be started with a down payment and security deposit it will free up your finances to get it set up from the very beginning. 


4. Make it comfortable + climate control

We love the comfort question, especially because it helps our customers figure out extras for their She Shed. Would you like to add insulation for climate control? An electrical package to set up your computer, home design equipment? Make it into a place to retreat just by yourself or gather your girlfriends for a lovely night in with all the comfort and none of the distractions of home. 

5. Trust yourself 

This is about designing and decorating the place that you will enjoy. If you love minimalism go for that all-white look or small pops of color. If you love a bold or eccentric or farmhouse look, do it! In the end it’s about creating a place you love and want to relax or work. If this looks different from the people around you, great. Just keep in mind to check in with your HOA if needed, and above all, have fun! 


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