Ranch Lap Sheds

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You Design, We Build!

The Shed You Need Is One Click Away!
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Why Choose A Ranch Lap Shed?

Ranch Lap Sheds are perfect for those who are wanting to match the look of their lap sided house! If curb appeal, property value, and having a modern shed look is what your after, then the Ranch Lap is a great choice! With the right blend of traditional and modern shed style, it is sure to stand out on your property and look great to you and your neighbors!  Wondering how to get your shed HOA approved? Ranch Lap Sheds have passed the most stringent HOA and POA house color and siding requirements in Charlotte NC and elsewhere! We can custom color match your shed to match your house! Simply provide us with the SW-0000 code and we can color match sheds to any house color.

*10×16 Ranch Lap Shed pictured with Upgraded Wood Doors With Transom Glass, Upgraded Shingle Roof, Upgraded Window, & Upgraded Flower Box, & Upgraded Accent Door Color

Quality Building Materials Used On Ranch Lap Sheds!

LP Smartside 50 Year Horizontal 8″ Siding | Sherwin Williams® Paint | 20 Year Roofing Metal | LP SmartSide® 50 Year Trim | LP ¾” Inch Thick Floor Sheathing | 2×6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists


50 Year LP® SmartSide Horizontal Lap 8″ Siding.

50 Year LP SmartSide Engineered Trim

Pressure Treated 2×6 Floor Joists (10,12′ & 14′ Widths)

Pressure Treated 2×4 Floor Joists (8′ Widths)

20 Year Classic Rib Metal Roof

Sherwin Williams Two Tone Paint Application

6×6 Double Access Wood Doors

6’4″ Sidewall Height

2×4 Wall Studs 16″ OC

 Keyed Door Latch

Vented Gables

Upgrades & Packages

Our Ramp Packages allows ease of access for walking up inside your shed! It’s great for a heavy riding lawn mower, boat, or other equipment you need to get up into your building.


Our shed Anchor Packages helps secure your shed to the ground and helps protect against high wind gusts. Some municipalities require your storage shed building be anchored. The Anchor Package includes 4 heavy duty steel ground anchors. 

The Workshop Package has several great features you will really like! this is one of our customers favorite packages! A roomy workbench for your projects, easy access shelving for your tools, and pegboard above your workbench so various smaller hand tools can be organized conveniently. A included window to let in the light and included Power Package makes the Workshop Package a great option for people looking to get the most out of their dream shed! The Workshop Package can be added to buildings 8×12 and larger!

Workshop Package Features: 

  • 24”x8′ Workbench
  • 3’x8’ Pegboard Above Workbench
  • 16″x8’ Easy Access Shelves (Set Of 3)
  • One 24″x36″ Aluminum Window With  Screen
  • Included Power Package | 3 Outlets, 2 Lights, & 1 On/ Off switch!

Workbench with included pegboard backer! 24″x36″ window pictured is included in the Workshop Package!

Set of 3 Easy Access Shelves!

1 On / Off Switch!

3 Power Outlets With Covers!

2 Light Fixtures With Bulbs!

Want to flip a switch and have light when entering your building and have outlets to plug in your tools or charge your batteries? Add the Power Package to your building! The Power Package comes with

  • 2 LED lights
  • 3 wall receptacles with plate cover
  • and a On / Off switch by access door. Comes with a heavy duty plug up connector on the exterior wall.

Customers can easily insulate the inside of their building after purchase, but it is very difficult to insulate under the floor after the shed installation. Sheds sit low to the ground without a sufficient crawl space to get up under the building later to insulate the floor, so we offer several options to insulate the floor for you during the construction of your building! If you’re dreaming of finishing out your shed into a climate controlled space for your future man cave, home office, or other multi-use structure, the Insulated Floor Package is a great option! 


R4 & R8 Options!


R12.5 Closed Cell Spray Foam Option! 


Shed Doors  

36” Single Wood Door 

36” Single Wood Door with Transom Glass 

Double Wood Doors No Glass 

Double Wood Doors With Transom Glass 

Fiberglass Slab Door  

Fiberglass Slab Single Door 9 lite 

Shed Windows 

24”x36” Aluminum Shed Window  

10”x24” Transom window 

10”x30” Transom window

Insulated Doors

These are the pre-hung house doors. if you plan to finish out your shed to a climate controlled space than house doors and windows are a great choice! Doors include an aluminum threshold and rubber insulation gaskets and 2″ insulated doors. Door are in-swing right swing.

Insulated House Door Solid 
Insulated House Door 9 Lite 

Insulated Windows 

Insulated house windows If you plan to climate control your building in the future these are great upgrade options!

24″x36″ Insulated Window 
30″x36″ Insulated Window 
30″x50″ Insulated Window


Storage Loft! 

Easy Access Shelving! 
Pegboard Above Workbench! 

We source top quality lumber & building materials to build storage sheds!

1 GP
2 Sherwin Williams
3 Louisiana Pacific
4 Owens Corning
5 Home Depot
6 Lowes

1 GP
2 Sherwin Williams
3 Louisiana Pacific
4 Owens Corning
5 Home Depot
6 Lowes

You Design, We Build!

The Shed You Need Is One Click Away!
Design My Shed

You Design, We Build!

The Shed You Need Is One Click Away!
Design My Shed