People often encounter situations that require a prepared shed foundation. Let’s consider several shed foundation options that might be right for you. As a custom storage shed builder in North Carolina, we want to help you make a good decision on the best shed foundation preparation for your benefit. 

   Concrete Blocks

    Concrete blocks are by far the most common and cost-effective foundation system used to set sheds. The delivery specialist will start to level your shed at the highest point where the shed is placed. From the highest point, the shed will then be leveled with blocks out to the lowest point of the ground. From our experience working with customers, we have found that it is easy to underestimate the steepness of the grade and this results in a block foundation that is often 18” to 24” or higher off the ground at the highest point!  Another good thing to keep in mind is that the height of the shed door threshold, due to the height of the runner, joists, and flooring material, is already an 8-10” step off the ground into your building. This means that additional blocking under the runners can often make the step to your door uncomfortably high and require accessory ramp or steps for ease of access. If your yard is not level you will want your shed doors on the higher side if the ground. 

Sheds by Design

Concrete Block Foundation For Shed


  Gravel pad 

   Level gravel pads are one of our most preferred foundation method for sheds. They are very quick to install, they keep the shed clean from re mud splashback, easy to remove in the instance of the shed being moved, and relatively affordable. A prepared and level shed site is in your benefit as a shed owner, it could affect the total cost of your storage shed pricing, but in the end, you may be glad you chose a gravel pad foundation for your shed. 

sheds by design gray shed

Gravel Pad Foundation For Shed


Concrete pad

    On the more permanent end of things, Concrete pads are without question one of the most secure foundations for a shed. If properly poured, they will never settle or crack and they also ensure that your shed will remain in a premium condition because the solid foundation keeps your shed from shifting or sinking with any potential ground settling. 


Blue and White Craftsman Shed on Concrete Pad in North Carolina

Concrete Pad Foundation For Shed


Concrete piers

  This type of shed foundation is less common but it does serve well in several applications. In colder northern climates where the ground shifts with the changing seasons having concrete piers is a very stable option for a foundation. This method works well anywhere you choose to use it but it does require more preparation and planning than the other foundation options. You need to contact your custom storage shed builder from which you are planning to buy and get the specifications of the skid or runner placement so that you can place your piers in the correct locations. 

shed foundation piers

Pier Foundation For Shed


Post and Beam 

    This foundation is by far the least common of the options mentioned in this article. This foundation is great for you if you are planning to put your shed on the side of a very steep hill. We recommend to not block a shed with concrete blocks higher than 24” at the highest end. Here is where the post and beam foundation system comes in. With this method, you can securely have the high end of your shed floor above 24”. 

Post and beam shed foundation

Post and Beam Foundation For Shed



A good foundation is key to ensure that your custom storage shed serves you well. We can build you one of the best sheds in North Carolina. Making sure that shed sits on a solid foundation will help keep it in its prime for years.  Contact Us if Sheds By Design can be of any assistance! You can also call or mobile text this number 1-800-721-4095 and we will respond to you as soon as possible.