Whether or not to add a foundation for a shed is a fantastic question! It’s what we like to hear, because of the simple reply.

Simply clear the site.


We supply the blocks to set and level the building, or you can choose to have a contractor prepare a gravel or concrete pad that is level. It depends on the setting location, and how you prefer it to look. For a little shed set up at the back of a property to store a lawn mower and a weed wacker you may be good to go on the blocks.

If this is your new pool house or home office, you might prefer the clean look of having a prepared area. Because zoning is less restrictive on backyard sheds there are less laws to have to follow in setting up for this type of building. 

Don’t worry, we use standards for quality control and build these buildings to be able to stand the test of weather and use. The materials we use are rated for exposure to the elements. 

Another idea people sometimes use is to lay down a kind of weed prevention on the site. A landscaping paper, plastic or something which is going to keep everything from growing up underneath and around the building. The nice thing about this is it will also help you prevent undesired animals taking up residence under the shed. At least if they do it will be easy to remove them again. 

The one possible exception to using a block foundation is larger buildings. It’s not impossible to underlay a building properly with blocks in this case, but the better option is usually to set it on a pre-prepped site for long lasting use of the building. Most sheds don’t fall into this category, and your salesman will be able to guide you on this decision if you are unsure. 


Start with the options here. 

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