10x16 Ranch Storage Shed  |  $207 A MONTH!
10x16 Ranch Storage Shed  |  $207 A MONTH!
10x16 Ranch Storage Shed  |  $207 A MONTH!
10x16 Ranch Storage Shed  |  $207 A MONTH!
10x16 Ranch Storage Shed  |  $207 A MONTH!
10x16 Ranch Storage Shed  |  $207 A MONTH!
10x16 Ranch Storage Shed  |  $207 A MONTH!

10×16 Ranch Storage Shed | $207 A MONTH!

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Need A Little EXTRA SPACE?   Sheds By Design offers backyard storage buildings to help you get organized!   Unlimited access to your belongings 24/7 without traveling to a mini storage facility!   Why pay for a never-ending mini storage unit when you can RENT TO OWN a backyard shed!!   If your Garage is OVERFLOWING, a quality storage shed is the solution to store and protect your supplies!   Invest in a well-built storage shed to house your Lawn Mower, Garden Tractor, Motorcycle, Household Supplies, Yard Tools, Pet Supplies, Patio Furniture, Kids Toys, Pool Supplies, Sports Equipment, or use it as a Workshop or Home Office!   Get the extra space you need that will be an ASSET in your backyard!  Buy Outright or Rent To Own! 100 MILES FREE DELIVERY!  Install, Leveling & Concrete Blocks INCLUDED!   Just One Month’s Payment DOWN of $207 + sales tax to get this building installed in your backyard!  Next payment is not due until 30 days AFTER installation! 

  • Condition: NEW
  • Size: 10×16 | 16×10 | 160 SQ FT 
  • Style: A-Frame Ranch
  • Siding Color: Blue
  • Trim Color: White
  • Roof Color: Slate Metal
  • Wall Framing: 2X4 STUDS
  • Siding Material: 50 YEAR LP SMARTSIDE
  • Floor Material: PRESSURE TREATED
  • Building Warranty: 10 YEARS!
  • Upgrades Included In Posted Price: 2 Windows / 2 Shutters / Deluxe Hinges / Lofting / Basic Power Package 


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NC Sales Tax Will Be Added To All Prices / Monthly Pmts!

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Sheds By Design Installation Agreement

FREE Wide Load Delivery 100 Miles, from our build shop (14040 Cool Springs Rd, Cleveland, NC 27013). Beyond 100 miles custom quoted based on your delivery destination.

Client agrees that they will arrange to be there on the day of delivery to show the Delivery Specialist where to install the building in your yard, sign delivery slip if applicable, and issue POD (Payment On Delivery) payment for the balance of your building if applicable.

Delivery estimates for stock sheds such as 7-14 business days or custom order sheds such as 3-4 or 4-6 weeks are approximate estimates. If we are unable to contact you (No response to calls or text messages) to confirm an available delivery day, delivery time will be extended beyond the initial estimated delivery range! Rainy weather
/ saturated lawns, DOT restrictions on wide load shed hauling on interstates during holidays, or waiting on customers to prepare shed sites can extend lead times. If only a particular day of the week works to receive shed instead of any day of the week, that can also extend delivery beyond estimated range.

You will be given a time range once the day of delivery is established, that the delivery specialist will be there from 8-12 AM or 12-4 PM the next day. Please be there during that time range so delivery specialists can proceed when they arrive with your building. The first 2 hours of setup time is complementary! Labor charges apply beyond the first 2 hour of setup time calculated upon the arrival of the Delivery Specialist on property. Making sure you are there to direct delivery specialists when they arrive so they are not waiting will help keep installation timely. Most shed installations take 1 hour!

FREE Concrete Blocks! While level sites are ideal (Level concrete, level gravel, level ground) we can set on ground with slope using concrete blocks! Sheds are leveled from the highest point of the ground using a minimum size block, (4”) and blocked up as the ground slopes down. We will block and level up to 12” on the low side of the ground! Beyond 12” labor and block charges will apply. PLEASE NOTE! When there is a slope, order your building with door placements to be on the higher side of the ground for ease of access!

If you need advanced notice to take time off work, we can work with you but please note all delivery day estimates are weather permitting! If we give a 2-3 day scheduling notice rather than a standard day before scheduling notice there is a higher chance of rain (and wet yards) happening in between the scheduling notice and tentative day of delivery! If a saturation rain were to happen, we would need to wait at least 3-5 days from the rain stopping for your yard to dry out before reattempting to schedule a delivery day!

It is the responsibility of the client to obtain any applicable permits. If building requires anchoring, anchor packages are $299 and include 4 anchors & installation when bundled with building purchase. (Ramps are also available for $349 when bundled with building purchase) Client agrees to inform Sheds By Design of the need for anchor package, ramp or any other upgrade requests they wish to add to the order at purchase. If ramps and anchor packages are not bundled with the original sale, and requested after the building has already been installed in your yard, a minimum $149 delivery charge will apply!

Cash Sale Custom Order Sheds require a minimum 25% deposit to order 75% Paid On Delivery (POD) Cash Sale In-Stock Sheds require a minimum of 10% to purchase, 90% Paid On Delivery (POD) More may be required down at our discretion (50% Down) for very custom buildings or buildings above $10,000 in value.

Rent To Own And Finance Custom Order Sales or In Stock Shed Sales Require 5-10% down or minimum amount set by rental / finance company (up to 20% down may be required) Finance and Rent To Own monthly payments are due 30 days after delivery.

We accept Cash, Personal Checks, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, E-Checks / ACH, Debit Cards, and All Major Credit Cards!

Cancellations. If a client cancels order within 3 business days, a 3% restocking fee will apply. If a client cancels after 3 business days, a 10% material restocking charge will apply. After the restocking fee has been deducted, any remaining funds owed back to the customer will be issued within 10-15 business days.

Client agrees they will ensure there will be a clear and accessible path to the shed installation site. No trees, branches, wires, fences, narrow gates, vehicles, HVAC units, waterlogged soil, or any other obstacles or issues blocking or preventing shed delivery.

If there is a narrow access such as a gate, trees, or close buildings on property, we recommend 2’-3’ feet of clearance on each side of the building width for it to pass through (example, 10’ wide building would need 14’-16’ clearance) If it is not a straight shot and requires a sharp turn while going through an access area, more clearance may be required!

Delivery Specialists have the discretion to stop installation if they feel it is unsafe or they are unable to continue to navigate a prefab structure in place. If there is a situation that impedes a standard delivery attempt and requires a redelivery, a $299 redelivery charge will be added to the balance due.

Due to insurance reasons, we do not move other brands of sheds in your yard, or haul away other brands of sheds! We can refer you to private shed movers that may consider your project! We can also refer you to shed demolition services to demolish your old shed!

It is the customer’s responsibility to choose an optimal location on the property for shed install! Make sure your chosen location is not directly over a septic drain field! Also ensure that location is back from neighbors property lines or other right of ways such as (Power Lines, Gas Lines etc) If we are directed to install and level a building in a bad spot, and then contacted to come and relocate and relevel the building, a minimum $499 relocate/relevel charge will apply!

During shed installation DO NOT ASSIST THE DELIVERY SPECIALIST WITH ANY PART OF SHED INSTALL! Stay 20’ feet back at all times from the prefab building, trucks, trailers, mule machines, jacks etc. Stay within line of sight of the Delivery Specialist if you are outside your home observing installation, never stand in front of a moving building, especially where the delivery specialist can not see you!! It is your responsibility to keep yourself & household persons a safe distance away from the prefab shed being installed! Customer agrees to keep their dogs in the house, in a kennel, or tied up during install. Customer Initials _______

Sign Name _________________ Print Name __________________ Date ___________

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We deliver within 7-14 business days!*

*In-Stock Sheds Only! ALL documents must be signed and deposit placed to initiate 7-14 business day delivery. Delivery estimates are weather permitting. Rainy weather will extend delivery times. Refer To Terms and Conditions for more details.

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