Standard Power Package


Add a standard power package to your shed for $549!  Standard power package includes the building pre-wired with 3 outlets, 2 lights, 1 switch.

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Tronia G..

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

The shed is sized perfectly for our needs, well constructed and the Bowlings were well organized and timely. There was no guessing throughout the process.

Thomas Bonsignore.

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

We purchased our 12x20 shed from Joe in Mooresville, Joe took the time to explain all my options and features of the sheds. Joe was patient and knowledgeable in the product which made me choose Sheds by Design. The delivery was an easy process, the young man who delivered it was awesome.

Dan Wagoner.

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

Great building Great service Great people if you need a building Sheds by Design is the place to go. Top notch workmanship and quality product.We were treated with great respect by Richard Wright and Frank Jones at China Grove location

Paul T.

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

Was completed way ahead of schedule and delivery went quick and clean.

Doris T.

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

The shed was set up beautifully. The guys work hard to please the customer.

Alan W.

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

Reasonable price was told 4-6 for delivery with on 2 weeks I had my shed very professional

Alan Watson.

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

Sam C.

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

I needed a new workshop and my older utility building had no space to work. Sheds By Design did a great job of building this unit that i designed online. I was so impressed by the workmanship & quality, that I had my old utility building demolished and purchased ANOTHER one! Thanks guys for the quality work and shed installs.

Denning Buchter.

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

From ordering to having it delivered was very smooth. Everyone was very professional and everything they promised was delivered. Would highly recommend them. Our daughter will be calling them soon.

Brent S.

Verified Buyer

5 Stars

I was able to use their easy custom design program on their website. The shed was exactly how I designed. They built the shed at their location and then delivered to my backyard using a crane. Great product and service.

10 Year Limited Warranty

Sheds By Design buildings are warrantied for 10 years, from the date of installation, against defects in material or construction. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only. At our discretion, we will repair or replace a defective part or material.

Customer Responsibilities:

● Retain proof of purchase! Notify Sheds by Design within 30 days of any defect of material.

Warranty Does Not Cover:

Theft, abuse, neglect, willful damage of property by buyers family, buyers agents or third party breaking and entering, Damage to structure being moved from original install site in customers yard by buyer or third party shed movers. Unauthorized modification of structure, vandalism, accidents, damage caused by improper maintenance, damage caused by animals, pets, or vermin, damage caused by foundational / ground issues (settling ground, sinkholes, etc), Acts of nature such as floods, earthquakes, falling trees, tree limbs, tornados. This warranty is NOT Insurance. Please ensure your shed is covered by your Homeowners or Renters Insurance!

Warranty Repairs Process:

Repairs must be made by Sheds By Design and our Authorized Representatives.
Submit a warranty issue on our website:

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We deliver within 10-22 business days!*

*ALL documents must be signed and a deposit placed to initiate the delivery timeline! Delivery estimates are weather permitting. Rainy weather will extend delivery times. Custom order windows or doors can extend lead time. Refer To Terms and Conditions for more details.

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Sheds By Design Installation Agreement

DELIVERY POLICY.  FREE delivery 100 miles from our build shop within North Carolina for 8′ 10′ 12′ building widths only! 

14′ wide buildings are custom quoted based on your delivery address due to wide load DOT permits, escort vehicles and special hauling equipment needed to transport. Crossing NC state lines will incur additional shipping expenses. Over 100 miles, ALL width sizes are custom quoted based on your delivery address.  Additional mileage and other transportation costs will be added to quote and require your approval before finalizing purchase. Please note: 8’ & 10′ wide sheds are measured outside to outside at the walls, while 12’ & 14’ wide sheds are measured outside to outside at the eaves due to NC DOT wide load regulations. Repo / Used buildings are only 30 miles free delivery. 

SCHEDULING POLICY.  Delivery Estimates for Stock Sheds or Custom Order Sheds are approximate estimates. If we are unable to contact you (No response to calls & text messages) to confirm an available delivery day, delivery time will be extended beyond the initial estimated delivery range!  Rainy weather / Saturated lawns, DOT restrictions such as wide-load shed hauling on holidays, or waiting on customers to prepare shed sites can extend Lead Times.  Customers requesting order changes during order fulfillment will extend build time estimates.  If only a particular day of the week works to receive shed, instead of any day of the week, that can also extend delivery beyond estimated range. If a customer rejects an available delivery day based on their schedule or their local weather, lead time will be extended from the original delivery estimate!   You will be given a time range, once the day of delivery is established, that the Shed Installer will be there from 8-12 AM or 12-4 PM the next day. Please be there during that time range so Shed Installers can proceed when they arrive with your building. The First 2 Hours of setup time are complementary!  Labor charges apply beyond the First 2 Hours of setup time, and are calculated upon the arrival of the Shed Installers on property. Client agrees to be present, on site, to direct Shed Installers when they arrive, so there is no wait time, and to help keep Installations on Schedule. Most shed installations take 1 hour!  If you need advanced notice to take time off work, we can work with you. But please note, all delivery day estimates are weather permitting! If we give a 2-3 day scheduling notice, rather than a standard day-before scheduling notice, there is a higher chance of rain (and wet yards) happening in between the scheduling notice and tentative day of delivery! 

OPTIMAL LOCATION POLICY.  It is the Clients responsibility to choose the optimal location on the property for their shed cabin or garage. Make sure your chosen location is not directly over a septic drain field. Also ensure  that the location is back from property lines, or other right-of-ways such as power lines, gas lines, etc.  If we are directed to install and level a building in a bad site,  and then contacted to come and relocate and relevel the building, a minimum $299 Relocate / Relevel charge will apply. 

CUSTOM COMPONENTS POLICY.  While we do our best to procure custom order components, there are times where our distributors are on backorder or a component has been discontinued.  If a special order component (Windows, Doors, Hardware etc) is on backorder or has become unavailable we reserve the right to substitute it with a comparable component to complete your order. We will contact you to notify you and get your approval if a component (Windows, Doors, Hardware) is changed due to availability. 

HOA APPROVAL POLICY.  If you live in a HOA we will work with you to our best ability to help you get your shed HOA approved. We need to know your HOA Guidelines UP FRONT so we can quote the building with any needed requirements such as color matching, siding type matching, shingle matching, eave overhang, roof pitch, etc!  We have a very good success rate with HOAs and getting our buildings approved.  We can provide 3D images, building size and size floor plan and siding material type for you to show your HOA board or management group. Please ensure you have approval from your HOA for the shed you are placing in your backyard. If you direct us to place a shed in your backyard you do not have approval for, We are NOT RESPONSIBLE if the HOA demands you REMOVE THE BUILDING or MODIFY THE BUILDING to meet their standards after the installation. 

PERMITTING & ANCHOR KIT POLICY.  It is the responsibility of the Buyer to obtain any applicable permits!  Permitted buildings generally require anchor kits, If building requires anchoring, Anchor Kits are available for $299 when bundled with original sale and include 4 Anchors, tie down hardware & installation.  If Anchor kits are not bundled with the original building sale, and requested after the building has been installed, a minimum $149 trip charge will apply!  We can provide general engineered plans of our buildings at no cost for you to show your county. If site specific plans are required it will be an additional expense added to quote.  

RAMP POLICY.  Access Ramps are available for $299 when bundled with the original building sale!  If an access ramp is not bundled with the original building sale, and requested after the building has been installed a minimum $149 trip charge will apply. 

DEPOSIT POLICY. Cash Sale Purchases require 50% down to order and 50% due at completed installation.  Rent To Own Purchases require a minimum of 1 payment down up front on any building up to $15,000 value. (If a customer makes 1 payment up front, their next regular payment is due 30 days from the day of install if a customer makes 2 payments up front their next regular payment is not due till 60 days from the day of install) From 15K-20K building value 2 payments down are REQUIRED. From 20K-25K 3 Payments Down are REQUIRED. Finance Purchases require minimum 1 payment down up to 15K building value. 2 payments down from 15-20K 

PAYMENT METHODS POLICY. We accept all major credit cards!  To cover the cost of credit card acceptance, we pass on a 3% credit card fee. This fee is not more than the cost of accepting these cards. There is no fee for Debit, Cash, Check, or ACH. 

REPO / USED BUILDING POLICY.  Repo / Used Buildings come with 30 miles free delivery. Used / Repo Buildings do not come with any blocking with the price, ALL blocks are $4 a block – paid to shed installers at installation. Repo / Used Buildings come AS-IS-NO Warranty! Buyer is responsible for all repairs, junk removal, and accepts the condition of the building as priced as pictured. 

PREFAB SHED ACCESS POLICY.  Client agrees they will ensure a clear and accessible path to the shed installation site free of trees, branches, wires, fences, narrow gates, vehicles, HVAC units, waterlogged soil, or any other obstacles or issues blocking or preventing shed delivery. If there is a narrow access such as a gate, we recommend at least 2 ft more clearance than the width of the building. (example a 8’ wide building going through a 10’ wide gate) Additional clearance may be required! If you are concerned about site access, it is your responsibility to consult with a Sheds-By-Design Sales Representative who can evaluate your site and confirm site access for your building.  Shed Installers have the discretion to stop installation if they feel it is unsafe, or they are unable to continue to navigate a prefab structure in place. If there is a situation that prevents a delivery and requires a second trip, a minimum re-delivery charge of $299 will be added to the balance due.  Customer Initials _______

PAYMENT ON DELIVERY POLICY. Balances are (POD) Paid-On-Delivery! Our Shed Installers are authorized to collect payments for balances at installation! Please make arrangements to pay the day of installation!  Keep in mind large transactions on credit or debit cards may be over your bank’s usual daily limit or may be flagged as an unusually large transaction for review – consider calling your bank, credit union, or credit card company in advance and letting them know you plan to run a large transaction on a debit or credit card.  I have read and Understood the POD (Payment On Delivery) Policy for Cash Sales, I will make arrangements to pay on the day of installation or if Rent to Own / Finance Sale I will sign the delivery confirmation slip! Customer Initials _______

CANCELLATION POLICY.  If the buyer cancels a purchase within 3 business days of purchase they can receive a full refund of the deposit. (Refund issued within 12-15 business days)  If a customer cancels after 3 business days, a 15% restocking charge of the total retail value of the building will be deducted from any refund.  After the restocking fee has been deducted, any remaining funds owed back to the customer will be issued within 12-15 business days. If a customer cancels a Rent To Own purchase within 3 business days, they can receive a full refund of their Rent To Own purchase deposit.(Refund issued within 12-15 business days)  If a customer cancels a Rent To Own purchase after 3 business days, a 15% restocking charge of the total retail value of the building will be deducted from any refund!   

I have read and accept the cancellation policy Customer Initials _______

BLOCKING & LEVELING POLICY. The first hour of labor to  install your building is incl. (Most installs take 45 minutes or less!)  We recommend a LEVEL pad! The buildings look better installed on a level pad, and the ease of access into the building is better when installed on a LEVEL pad. If the shed placement site is not level, we start with minimum dimension block height (4” tall blocks) on the high side of the ground and add more blocks as the ground slopes down. Up to 12” height of blocking is included in the quote you receive on NEW BUILDINGS ONLY!  If blocks exceed 12” tall on the lower side of the ground to level the building, additional  blocks are $4.00 each, added to your balance due at install. We do not recommend blocking over 24” max. Customer Initial _______  

PRIMARY BUYER POLICY.  The Primary Buyer is the person whose name is listed on the invoice, and we recommended that the Primary Buyer be present during install!  If the Primary Buyer is not to be present at install, and has someone other than themselves oversee and approve the shed installation (their agent) we are not responsible for the primary buyer returning later and being unsatisfied with the placement of the building in the yard! Avoid putting ANYONE in charge of directing Shed Installers where to install your building but YOU to avoid having to request a relocation / relevel of your building! (Minimum charge $299 for relocate / relevel)  I have read and understand my responsibilities as the Primary Buyer  Customer Initials________   

SAFE DISTANCE POLICY.  We care about your safety, During shed installation DO NOT ASSIST SHED INSTALLERS WITH ANY PART OF SHED INSTALL!  Let the professionals do their jobs!  Never stand in front, behind, or beside moving buildings or equipment!  Do not enter the building until the installer completes the install. Stay 50’ feet away, at all times, from the Buildings, Trucks, Trailers, Mule Machines, Jacks, etc. Stay within line-of-sight of the shed installers if you are outside your home observing the installation!  It is your responsibility to keep yourself, household persons, children & pets a safe distance away from the prefab shed being installed, at all times.  Children & Pets should be kept in the house during the entire building installation. Shed installers carry pepper spray and have the right to use it for personal protection on aggressive dogs that are not secured by the homeowner during the entire shed installation.  I have read and understand and agree to keep myself, household persons, and children a safe distance away and to secure my pets during building installation.    Customer Initials_________     

I have read, understand and agree to the terms of the Sheds By Design Purchase, Installation, & Scheduling Agreement

Sign Name _________________      Print Name  ________________    Date ___________

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Accessory Sales Terms and Conditions

If accessories are purchased and bundled with the original custom order shed sale and added to the original shed sale BEFORE the day of shed installation local delivery and labor charges for installation on most accessory products are waived. If accessories are purchased for installation within our local service zone after delivery of shed, We can definitely add them on, however delivery charges and or labor charges for installation will apply. We are not able to add modifications to stock sheds at the sales lot, if a customer wishes to add accessories to a in stock already build shed in stock (Excluding Ramps and Anchor Kits) that add on will be considered a after sale add on and delivery and labor charges will apply to bring that out and install after initial in stock shed shed installation. Some accessories are only available to add to buildings at purchase of custom order shed! These accessories will display a “Must Add To Original Custom Order Shed Sale” message Some accessories are large and bulky and are only offered within our local 100 miles service zone (local delivery charges and labor for installation will apply) Accessories that are ONLY available for local delivery and install will have a “Local Delivery & Install Only!” Some accessories can ship nationwide, those will have a “Ships Nationwide!” a message on the product applicable shipping to your address will be added and NC sales tax is charged on all products. Accessories are tested to work with Sheds By Design storage buildings and although they may work with other brands of sheds we can not guarantee that explicitly!