Affordable shed garages are the golden boy of the shed and barn world for their blend of modern innovation, great craftsmanship and portable storage. For homes and small businesses looking to provide a dry and stable environment for belongings and inventory it’s a solid investment into the future.

Attached and permanent garages are a good option, but because they are not portable or space efficient they are historically more expensive. Pricing for portable shed garages are more affordable for a variety of reasons.


1. A stand-alone garage building doesn’t need a concrete pad as foundation.

Building on ground-contact skids eliminates the need to prepare a perfectly level site, or to take out permits to pour concrete and build a free standing garage structure or garage addition. By changing to a portable foundation, there is flexibility on garage pricing and even site choices. Depending on what kind of property your home is located on, it can be better to put the garage somewhere other than right next to the house. A small garage takes up much less of a footprint than anything traditional and will be a great space saver. 



2.  Floors are reinforced and built strong with 2 x 6 joists. 

Floor quality is not sacrificed by changing up the foundation type. Whether the garage is wood or steel they are built to accommodate heavy loads, vehicles and boats. 


3. The Pre Fab option is quickly installed. 

On site builds are an available option on any shed building, but particularly on styles that run larger such as ranch garages, or custom garages.  The more common styles and sizes are usually built in a manufacturing center off site and then delivered to a home or business, streamlining the process and bringing prices down significantly. 


4. Overhead Doors Do Not Sacrifice on Quality

Affordable garages have places where you definitely can’t afford to skip on quality. Garage doors with overhead sectional aluminum doors on tracks will last longer, and work better long term, than the cheaper roll up doors. As a feature you will use nearly every day, and sometimes several times a day, a garage door needs to be the kind of thing that can hold up to heavy use over an extended period of time. 


5. Keep vintage items safe 

We all know the drill. You keep the items that mean most to you safe and dry. For collectors and people looking to protect vehicle or boat investments, a shed with a garage door makes it more easy and convenient. They are a good option for if you have an antique vehicle storage, large mower, tractor, boat, skidoo, jet ski, or side by side because you have an easier access to take them in and out than with standard 6×6 double doors. Keeping your larger valuables away from the weather elements and in a shed with a garage door which can be locked is a big step toward taking good care of your investments. 


6. Shed garages are an affordable small business warehouse.

Using a shed garage for small business storage is a great way to save the up-and-coming business a heap of expensive commercial warehouse space rent, as well as getting all your storage on location instead of needing to purchase and maintain a vehicle just for hauling purposes. It also saves the proprietor time to be able to access everything quickly instead of needing to devote extra time in the day to fetching things. It’s a fantastic option for a small business owner who is already wearing many hats.

14 x 40 Ranch Garage


7. Rent to Own Garages

Rental purchase options on a portable building are much more affordable for the homeowner looking to economize. Instead of needing to take out a loan or save to purchase a home project, a shed garage can be paid for month-by-month, with option for purchase. Typically a Rent-to-Own Garage On Payments is anywhere from 24 – 48 months, with options for a discounted Early Purchase Option to save even more money.


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