brown shed in woods


A rough start to finding the right building.

When other shed builders or sellers are telling you “No, we can’t do that,” it’s nice to find someone who will tell you “Yes, we can try to help you” for your unique situation. Samantha* came to us with her husband Todd* and were in a predicament. They had been looking for a custom kennel to house their beautiful dogs and had actually put a down payment on a custom dog kennel from a different company.

The only problem was, the company that they paid to deliver a 12×16 prefab kennel shelter discovered that the shed was actually not deliverable as a prefabricated building because of a narrow 9′ gate opening. The 12×16 kennel shelter they wanted could not be transported through that 9′ clearance!  The business canceled the sale and said, “We can’t help you, Samantha, we are to busy and don’t have the manpower to do a stick built on site for you.”  Samantha felt emotional and was very disappointed, she wanted to buy a kennel for her dogs, but the company she wanted to buy from actually canceled on her if you can imagine that!  Samantha needed to find a boarding solution for her dogs, and soon! One of her dogs was about to become a mommy and have a litter of puppies in less than two weeks!


Our First Meeting.


Samantha found us as an early customer through one of our Facebook posts and messaged us asking if we could help her with a custom kernel.  Sheds by Design was still setting up our shed shop for materials and manufacturing, we didn’t even have a business sign up, or website up either for that matter.  But we had some high-quality sheds that we had built and posted on Facebook marketplace. Samantha asked, “Do you all do stick built on site sheds?” We said yes we do! Samantha and Todd came by our shed manufacturing shop the next morning  and took a look at our shed models and said: “You guys have some nice buildings!” They trusted that we were able to get them the quality shed design with kennel upgrade that they wanted.



Custom Dog Kennel Sketch | Back to the Drawing Board!

Samantha and Todd had gone back to the drawing board after that canceled sale and designed a better fit for their doggy needs, a triple kennel upgrade.  Could you build this triple kennel for our dogs they asked? Samantha pulled out a hand sketched layout of the special shed they wanted with a kennel upgrade on one end. She and Todd had drawn out where they wanted the doors and decided to upgrade to additional windows to make the shed side facing the house look more like a garden studio shed. We went to work for Samantha and started getting the information together to provide her an accurate quote for the custom shed with kennel upgrade she wanted.

Inside shed



Getting The Shed Kit Materials Assembled  

After we got all the details of the design straightened out we presented Samantha with the quote.  Our quote for the stick built on site triple kennel was more of an investment, but Susana felt it was fair and was ready to get started.  She wrote us a check to start the order and we went to work for Samantha and started buying and assembling materials and components for the building.  We began making the doors, getting the kennel wire, hardware, paint, lumber, roofing material, and everything else we would need to assemble her shed kit on site.


Pile of cement blocks


The Big Day | Happy Clients

A few weeks after Samantha had placed her order we arrived heavy loaded with truck and trailer and shed kit. This was no DIY shed kit either!  Samantha and Todd were so impressed as the saw us carry heavy things through across their yard for their on-site stick built shed. As we worked throughout the day and into the evening I saw them on their porch watching us work as they relaxed. This is what you call dinner and a show I told them with a grin. They both laughed. They were glad to have us working for them to complete this challenging project, and we were happy to be busy building sheds as well.


brown shed


Thank you for putting your trust in Sheds by Design!

The day was about over, we were picking up our tools and getting ready to go home after a good day of building a beautiful building. Samantha came out we could tell she was very happy to finally have her special custom shed in her yard! We told how much we appreciated her business and thanked her for allowing Sheds by Design to build her custom kennel for her lovely dogs. 


Testimonial from Samantha. “My husband and I have had the best experience hiring Silas, Miles, and Mercer of Sheds by Design. These brothers are motivated, very skilled, and pleasant to be around. We together designed a dog kennel building for my lovely dogs so I will not have to take them elsewhere to board when we want to get away. They did a beautiful job!” 



Brown shed with white trim


If Sheds by Design can be of service with your special shed, send us a message and we will be in touch shortly!  


*Names changed to protect identity 

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