Why Start Your Shed Design Online?


Reason #1

Your time is valuable and you are busy with work and family!  A virtual shed design tool allows you to customize your shed to the size, colors, and upgrades you want from your living room!  You can decide which shed style and options work best for the look you want on your property, and more importantly, which storage shed prices fit within your family budget! You can conveniently get a online estimate for a made to order shed that we then build for you!  Our Online 3D Shed Design Tool  makes the shed design and purchase process easy for people across North Carolina!

Click To Modify This 12×24 Garden Shed Design in NC!

Reason #2

It gets you headed in the right direction! Additional options may be available but don’t wait on perfection to take the first step! Every single option may not be in the shed building software! But there is vast amounts of shed customization you can play around with, and then reach out to us as your local shed builder in NC. We may be able to work with you on additional details. For example, if you want special order windows or doors.  Once all the details are worked through your made to order shed will be built right here in NC!

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Reason #3

It allows your to settle on the “look” before getting into the details of the quality of your building! We all know looks are only half the story! You want to make sure its built well. A 3D Shed Rendering may look great, but you need to know its built well also. You want to make sure and see real photos of sheds that have been built.  As you get closer to the final stages of buying a shed you designed online,  you may want to travel to our North Carolina shed building shop where your shed will be made to order! You can get to  “touch and feel” the quality of the shed that you will will be buying! We can also do virtual video appointments, online estimates, and remote virtual tours of sheds!

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Reason #4

It allows your to explore the look and cost of different sizes before you commit to buying a shed that might not work best for your needs.  Shed sizes such as a 12×16 shed, or a 12×20 shed, or maybe even a 12×24 shed may not mean much to you if your not sure that it is enough room to store your specific items. A riding mower and some garden tools requires far less space than a storage building for 3 motorcycles and 2 ATVs! Knowing the space requirements for the items or equipment at hand will ensure that you get a building that makes you happy in the long run even if it costs more up front. Reach out to Sheds By Design as your local NC shed company and consult. Once the size you need is worked through you can have the confidence to Start Designing The Shed that works best for your situation.


Click To Modify This 12×20 Garage Design in NC!


Reason #5

It allows you to view what many of the upgrades look like. Starting Your Shed Design Online with a 3D shed configuration tool is convenient for people with busy lifestyles. It allows you to get a visual feel for the colors and the upgrades like dormers, or windows and doors that will be delivered to your property, many customers prefer starting with the online self-service that we offer just to test different color combinations and upgrades! When you can see just how good a upgrade on your building looks like your more likely to have the confidence to choose it!

Click To Modify This 10×20 Dormer Shed Design in NC!


Reason #6

Its really fun and engages your whole family in the shed design process! You can create a design you think looks amazing, and then share it with your family to see if they like it or want to adjust the colors or door and window placement!. Once you all agree on the looks, you can feel more empowered to move forward as a family with a building purchase for your storage, recreational, or workspace needs!

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Start Your 3D Shed Design Online!

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