Are you looking for a shed design program for some design inspiration? Or perhaps to build and order a shed online? Well great news! You can design your own shed online at Sheds By Design with our 3D Configurator tool! We offer one of the best free shed design software online for our customers! This easy to use free Shed designer program allows you to visualize a shed in the shed design app, right from your browser! Were going to take a look at the top 10 most popular upgrade options that customers choose within the free shed design tool!  Dive in and design a made to order custom storage shed on our website! its fun and easy!  DESIGN MY SHED! 

Order Shed Online

12×24 Barn Shed With Porch


#1 Shed Windows!  Natural light is amazing! Choosing the right amount of windows to let light inside your shed is very important! You can add shed windows, shutters, or flower boxes to the windows to spruce them up! Single pane shed windows, and double pane insulated house windows are available!  DESIGN MY SHED! 


3D Shed Builder App Online

12×24 Shed With Lots Of Windows


#2 Access Ramps!  Adding an access ramp to your double doors is a very popular option! There is a natural step up into the building even if its sitting on perfectly level ground, So you will need a ramp to get heavy equipment such as riding mower, ATV, 4×4, small garden tractor, golf cart storage or other large items into the storage building!  DESIGN MY SHED! 


Custom Design Shed Online

10×16 Shed With Mower Door and Ramp


#3 Workbench Tables!  For people looking for a workshop shed, workbenches are very popular! Workbench tables are 24″ inches deep, and as long as you want, (8′ 12′ 14′ 16′ etc) You can use the table space, plus store things underneath! Workbenches also come with optional pegboard above the workbench! Get Ready to work on your hobbies, change the string on a weed eater, build bird houses and many other home DIY projects!



Sheds With Workshop Area

Workbench Inside Shed & Windows


#4 Interior Shelving!  Want things at convenient floor level easy to reach? Select easy access shelving to the interior of your building! You get 3 sets of shelves! storage shed shelves allows convenient storage and organization inside the shed!   DESIGN MY SHED! 


12x24 Shed With Shelving

Sheds With Shelves


#5 Overhead Storage Lofts  Do you have Christmas decorations or other holiday supplies that need storing up and out of the way most of the year? A overhead storage loft is a very popular option to get this up and out of the way while still able to use the floorspace below!  DESIGN MY SHED! 


Shed Interior Features

Barn Sheds With Small Loft


#6 Power Packages!  Adding power to a shed is a top choice for our customers! We have a electrical package that includes 3 outlets, 2 lights, and one switch! although this is not visualized in our 3D shed designer, there is a sample pic of what you get! You would still need to bring power from your house or nearby building to the shed!  DESIGN MY SHED! 


Shed Interior Design 3D

Sheds With Power


#7 Porch / Cabins! Sheds with porches look amazing! Adding a porch to the building, either an end porch or side porch is very popular.  Shed cabin porches add nice style to the shed and provide a perfect overhang to step into to get out of the rain when entering cabin sheds with porches!  DESIGN MY SHED! 


Design Shed Cabin Online

12×24 Cabin Shed


#8 Garage Doors!  If your looking to design a garage online, we have single car garages that could be perfect for you! 12×24 single car garage, 14×20 single car garage, 14×24 single car garage, and many more sizes are available! Prefab Garages make the perfect building to store and protect vehicles or equipment! We use a house grade sectional aluminum garage door with overhead tracts, not the cheaper roll up doors you may find elsewhere!  DESIGN MY SHED! 


Design Shed Garage Online

12×24 Lofted Barn Shed


#9 Shed Roof Dormers!  Roof dormers add that extra pop of style and flair to your building! A custom storage shed ordered online could use this attractive feature that looks good and lets light into the building!   DESIGN MY SHED! 


Custom Storage Sheds Design and Price Online

10×16 Custom Storage Shed


#10 Single House Doors and Double French Doors!  House grade doors take you building to a new eye popping level! Not only do they look phenomenal, they are house grade and insulated, meaning if you want to climate control your building we recommend these doors vs the regular wood shed doors.   DESIGN MY SHED!


12x24 Storage Shed Custom Design and Order


There are MANY MORE upgrade options available on our FREE TO USE SHED DESIGN SOFTWARE! 






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