Looking To Finance A Shed in NC? 

If your looking for a home improvement loan or personal loan for a shed or other project around your house, you may be wondering, what are the best shed finance options? You may be bombarded with so many options to finance a shed, or rent to own a shed that you don’t know what to do! We put some helpful tips together so that you can get a better idea of the shed finance options available to you in North Carolina and what might be a good fit for your situation!


1.  Know Your Budget! 

It’s important to keep your budget for a monthly payment for a shed in mind! Knowing you can afford either a cash price on a storage shed, or shed finance payments is very important! An affordable monthly payment for a storage shed keeps the stress low! You don’t want to sign up for shed payments that put stress on your family budget!


2.  Know Your Creditworthiness!

We all have our life situations, some of us have excellent credit, others are repairing their credit! There are options for financing a shed with low credit scores or excellent credit scores! Some people are facing financial challenges and have a situation where they may not even want their credit pulled! (In that case a sheds rent to own program could be a good fit!) You can create a free account on Experian, Equifax, and Transunion to monitor your credit so your ready for a shed loan, home improvement loan, or personal loan!!

3.  Know Your Options! 

There are many finance companies that will loan you money for sheds or tiny homes on personal unsecured loans via our Enhancify application option! So-Fi, One Main Financial, Avant, Lending Point, Payoff, Prosper, Upgrade, Best Egg, Mariner Finance, Lightstream, Liberty and more! Each finance company for shed loans will look at different things, credit score, employment, debt to income ratio, payment delinquency’s and more! One may tell you no but another one may tell you yes! Some are looking for pristine credit scores from 700 + and others will lend on 550 + credit scores! There are also shed rental companies that offer no credit check rent to own shed plans! Some homeowners may choose to use their existing equity in a home mortgage and utilize a home equity line of credit for a shed purchase!

4. Know Your Life Situation!

Is a credit based loan the best fit for your situation? Are you in the middle of a home closing and don’t want a credit pull for a shed affecting your chances of being approved for your dream home? Or are you in the military or have a job where you move a lot? Do you want the flexibility of a program that does not pull your credit at all, and if you need to walk away from your storage shed it will not affect your credit and you will have no property lien or delinquency reported on your credit score?  These programs are not traditional financing. There is no credit check. It does not affect your credit! There is no interest rate in a rent-to-own situation. You are simply renting on a month-to-month basis and you can surrender / return the shed at any time if you no longer need it and be 100% free of any obligation! Or, if you go full term of the rent to own contract you own the building, You can also pay off a rent to own shed early at anytime penalty free!


5. Take Advantage Of Convenience! 

Sheds By Design offers convenient options for our customers! We offer a No Credit Check rent to own program for sheds that anyone can take advantage of regardless of their credit score. Maybe your paying never ending monthly fees to a storage facility and want something with a path to ownership!  Or you thing you might want to check out Credit Based Shed Financing via Enhancify  where multiple banks will compete to offer you a loan on a shed! They do a soft pull of your credit to see if you qualify and you can then accept the loan offers. If you do not quality for financing for a shed no worries! You can always give our most popular no credit check rent-to-own program a try!

Click Here To Design Your Shed Online in 3D with INSTANT ESTIMATE! Once you settle on shed size, upgrades, and final storage shed pricing, we can assist you with the best finance or rent to own shed option for your needs! Prices for storage sheds do not need to scare you with the credit based shed financing or no credit check rent to own options available! We have options for you to get your dream storage building, shed cabin, or home office in your backyard!



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