Many homeowners across North Carolina wonder what is the max size shed allowed by there HOA  (Home Owners Association)  Here is a quick overview of many HOA Size allowances for accessory storage buildings!   This is not an exhaustive list or a guarantee your HOA has these permitted shed sizes allowances, but this are very common shed sizes allowed by community management firms. Homeowners generally want as big of a shed as possible for all their lawn equipment, tools, toys, and to clean out their garage or spare bedroom!


8×10 Size Shed 

This is the best size shed for many smaller backyards and some HOAs only allow 8×10 (80 SQ FT SHED)


8×12 Size Shed  

8×12 shed sizes are also very commonly allowed in HOA backyards!  (96 SQ FT SHED)

8x10 HOA approved storage shed


10×10 Size Shed  

This is a perfect size for many backyards!  10×10 sheds are (100 SQ FT SHED)  is a great square size and fits nicely in most areas of the backyard!  Some HOAs set a 100 sq ft limit on storage shed and this is in meeting those HOA shed requirements!

10x10 Wooden Storage Shed Greensboro NC


10×12 Size Shed 

Very Popular and allowed by many Charlotte NC Home Owners Associations.  This size just feels great!  (120 SQ FT SHED)

10x12 Modern Shed HOA approved


12×12 Size Shed   

This is the largest size shed allowed by many HOAs.  Go big or go home!  If your HOA allows 12×12 size sheds (144 SQ FT) by all means get the biggest shed allowed by your HOA for the max amount of storage shed space in your backyard!

12x12 Lofted Barn Shed HOA approved


This list is by no means the only shed sizes HOA communities will approve!   Larger shed sizes approved by HOA included 10×14 10×16 10×20 12×14 12×14 12×16 12×20 12×24 and even larger!   Some  property owners associations don’t even have size restriction if the shed is placed behind the house and the shed matches the color of the home but that is a lot more rare!  Keep in mind other requirements like color matching and siding style matching may be required for you shed to be rubber stamped by the HOA board!

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