There are a lot of cool guys out there who have made some pretty awesome man cave sheds!  Making a mancave has to do with what you want your chillout zone to be!  How much does a mancave cost? It varies a lot! and depends on the size of the mancave and other customization details!  Each custom mancave is going to be geared towards your hobbies and how you plan to relax!  Here are 6 ways our customers have turned their buildings into mancave!


Finished Out Man Cave Sheds With TV!  Movie Shed / Video Game Shed 

Nothing like a fully finished out mancave shed!  WOW!  Couch, TV, Cooler, Soda, and some vintage art!  Looks like a great place to watch Movies, play Video games, watch Sports channels and talk about things guys like to talk about!  And when the guys are ready to get out and do some fishing, the poles are ready at the door!

Workshop Man Cave Sheds! 

For some guys working on hobbies and projects is the perfect zone, they are happy when sawdust is flying and projects are being worked on!  Pegboard, lofts, workbench, tool hooks, and storage shelves, and pre-wired!  The perfect guy shed!

Man Cave Cabin Sheds!

Nothing says relax and enjoy the day quite like a shed cabin! Cabin sheds look good and there a great place to chill in the shade with your buddies!

Man Cave Garage Sheds! 

Throw open that garage door and chillout!  Prefab Sheds Garages with wide access garage doors are perfect for opening up on nice days while you work on project inside!

Man Cave Pool House Sheds! 

Nothing like kicking back in front of the pool and relaxing!  A pool house shed goes great next to a pool or patio!  Catch some shade and enjoy some lemonade beside the pool!  And when your not using the pool, you can protect pool supplies in your pool house shed!

Home Office Mancave Shed 

For some guys, their office is their groove out zone!  Reading, studying, or a quite place to listen to music or podcasts! You name it!

These 6 Mancave Ideas are just a small sample of the many awesome ways a shed can be turned into a mancave!  Every guy out there has different ways to set up his backyard mancave the way he likes! What size shed is good for a man cave? it depends a lot!  A man cave can be any size, but the bigger the better if you have yard space and its in your budget for a mancave!  12×12, 12×16 12×20 12×24 & 12×28 all are great mancave shed sizes!

Design and build your mancave shed online! 

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