Do I need a shed permit in North Carolina?  

Most counties and municipalities have regulations regarding accessory buildings. Some counties are more strict than others and it is always a good idea to check with your county or city zoning department for details regarding any requirements and standards. 



What size shed requires a permit, and does it vary by city and county? 

It varies a lot from county to county and from city to city. For many counties, there are some zoning rules regarding the size of sheds that need building permits and those that don’t. For example, a structure that is under 12 feet by 12 feet might not require a building permit at all! For other counties there may be a permit required for a structure if it exceeds 100 sq. ft, 120 sq ft, 160 sq ft etc.  So, yes, the requirements do very by county and city. Charlotte Metro NC residents may have to meet different shed permit requirements than residents of Winston Salem, NC.

What about special historical districts in a town? 

For some cities or counties, structures under a set size do not require a building permit but may require a zoning permit to meet their standards. For example, if someone lives in a historical district of the city there may be requirements to get approval of the shed to ensure it matches the colors or look of the houses in that area of town. 


What are the steps I need to take to get a shed permit?

It’s not complicated to get a zoning permit or a building permit. You just need to contact your cities zoning department and request one. They will work with you to ensure that you get all the details squared away. After they have approved your plans and the structure has been delivered or built then the city will most likely come out to verify that all the permit standards have been met.


If I get a permit what additional requirements might be needed? 

Setbacks from property lines are common requirements, as well as having your shed properly anchored to the ground. Some counties or cities require 2×6 joists or other structural requirements. Double story sheds too close to property lines are prohibited in some areas as they could be a eyesore to neighbors. 


Do I have to pull a permit if If a shed is brought in with truck and trailer pre-built?

As far as we can tell, the same rules apply for a shed structure brought in with truck and trailer as a built on your site shed. It’s a shed structure on your property and the county or city may still want to know that it’s a properly constructed structure and they may also want to ensure that any anchoring, setbacks, or other requirements are met.


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