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Congratulations on wanting to learn all you can before you make the important decision of investing in a shed and getting more space for life! We worked in the shed industry for many years before we launched Sheds By Design. We know some insider secrets that we’re going to share with you to help you get the best quality building and great storage shed pricing for your family right here in North Carolina!

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Secret #1

If you buy a shed from a local NC shed builders you will likely get a better made product and more affordable storage shed prices! Large national shed companies often have workers in factories making cheaply built mass produced storage sheds in other states. They also transport their buildings hundreds or thousands of miles, and that freight adds to the cost of their buildings even if it’s not shown as freight in the retail price! This means more of the money you pay for the storage shed is for freight, not necessarily the quality of the building.

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Secret #2

Repo or used buildings probably do not come with any warranty! Repo sheds can also be in disrepair, needing paint, windows replaced, holes patched, handles replaced etc. Don’t think that buying repo sheds in NC with no warranty is your only option for affordable storage sheds! Make sure the cost of repairs don’t outweigh the couple hundred bucks you saved, and remember, not all damage shows right away. You may experience a leaking roof weeks after you purchase and you will be the one fixing your “As-Is” used repo shed! Know the value of a new shed with a warranty so you can call for service or repair if something happens!

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Secret #3

Some shed companies do not include the floor system or other crucial construction components! If you’re shopping for a shed at a big box store, the price of the shed may initially seem affordable, but when you look closer you realize the price doesn’t include the shed floor, paint, or roofing!! Don’t be fooled by a seemingly low introductory price for a shed that balloons with expensive packages. Things like a shed floor,  metal roofing, or paint application should be included! Look for an out the door turnkey delivered price that includes everything you need for a storage building that will last!

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Secret #4

You need to know the true cost of a no credit check Rent-To-Own contract! Before you sign any rent-to-own agreement, ask for the “Total Rental Contract Cost” If you plan to rent-to-own a $3000 building, you’re going to sign a rental agreement with a much larger total contract cost, unless you pay the contract off early! Some rent-to-own contracts have 90 days same as cash options, and with rent-to-own contracts in NC if you pay off  the building in full early, all future contract rental fees are waived, and you will just pay NC sales tax on the remaining cash balance of the building. The sooner you can make room in your family budget to pay off a shed on a rental contract the more money you will save!

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Secret #5

Inferior materials are sometimes used to lower cost or increase profit margin in sheds. Instead of using first grade siding or shingles on sheds, some companies buy 2nd’s or 3rd’s, discounted factory rejects that are not considered a quality to use on homes. These types of material purchase decisions means that buyers can get stuck with a shed that has product defect issues in the years to come that are not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty! Make sure and know the warranties the building components come with because quality materials will save you money in the long term by not having future repair expense! At Sheds By Design we use 30 year shingles, 20 year metal roofing, 50 year shed siding, 50 year flooring, quality Sherwin Williams paint, and quality framing lumber so you can enjoy the space your building provides for many years to come!

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Secret #6

Some shed companies charge for each individual block! Imagine buying a shed and thinking you have paid for everything. But then when the delivery driver shows up and installs the building, they hand you a $350 bill for concrete blocks! Don’t be caught off guard with a surprise “block package” Look for a shed company that is transparent about what a standard setup includes, 12″ 18″ 0r 24″ setup before additional charges are incurred! 

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Secret #7

You have all the tools you need at Sheds By Design to make your shed project a success in NC! There is no reason to feel intimidated when buying a shed, or to be pressured into buying one that is not a good fit for your needs! We’re local North Carolina shed builders on your side, and we have resources available to help you make the best decision! You can read our Blog for helpful tips, Watch Videos about the delivery process, view Photos of our completed buildings and start your design online with our 3D Shed Configurator Design Tool! You can choose the style, size, colors, and upgrades and then submit that for review and one of our design consultants will contact you! We will go over things like delivery access, site preparation, HOA requirements, and other details. Once you feel comfortable and ready to move forward, you can place a deposit to get your building in process! Then, the next thing you know, a truck and trailer will roll in with your new building and you will finally get the space you need in your backyard with a beautiful garden shed!

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