Anchoring A Shed To The Ground 

If you’ve built or bought a North Carolina shed then you will want to consider anchoring it to the ground to protect against high wind gusts. This additional protection will help give you peace of mind.


What do shed anchors do?

It is recommended that all sheds be anchored to the ground or to the appropriate foundation. The biggest reasons for this is because a gust of high wind could shift your shed off its foundation. This can cause extensive damage that is costly to repair. If you’re in an open and windy area this could be a concern, but even in calm areas that are not normally windy, when a storm blows in everything changes. Your local county or city may also require shed anchors. As a storage shed builder in North Carolina we offer an anchor package that we can install for you with shed purchase.


Installation process

Our shed anchors are steel auger type threaded anchors, similar to the ones used to secure mobile homes. They are driven into the soil with a powerful impact wrench. Once the anchor is in the ground a cable or chain is then fastened to the anchor and then lagged or bolted securely to the shed runners.



Once the shed anchors have been driven into the ground and a cable or chain have been installed, your shed is now more secure and is ready to stand up to adverse weather conditions. Not every custom storage shed builder offers this level of quality in an anchor package, some just use straight stakes that don’t have the holding power of an auger surface.


A anchor package is an additional investment, it may add a bit to your storage shed price but many of our clients have felt that it was worth it and would rather have the peace of mind that this package brings. Many of our clients also add their sheds to their renters or homeowners insurance so in the case that a severe storm would ever destroy the shed they could get it replaced. It usually does not affect your homeowners insurance more than a few dollars a month to add an accessory building to the policy.


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