Scam stories abound in the construction world, fake roofing crews ripping people off after storms, shady subcontractors that don’t finish the jobs they promise to, and questionable handyman that start shed projects and don’t finish them! Be an informed consumer and protect yourself from a scam.


Beware Someone That Simply Claims They Can Build You A Shed! 

If someone does not have a website, portfolio of past shed building work, or referral numbers or reviews of previous clients that are satisfied with their work, be careful! We have helped people first hand who have, sadly been taken advantage of by individuals claiming that they can easily build a shed for them only to have the self-proclaimed shed builder build only a shed floor, or partially construct a shed and then walk away.

  • In the sample picture below, a client of ours had paid a individual to build an 8×12 shed but the individual only built the shed floor, made excuses and walked away and never finished the project! Its very disappointing and frustrating to have this happen. You work to hard for your family money to let this to happen to you! Don’t let your intended shed project end in frustration by hiring a non-vetted, self-proclaimed shed builder. Anyone can promise to build you a shed, but not everyone can finish the project they started.


Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap Materials

Some shed builders are all about producing as many sheds they can at the lowest prices possible. These kinds of builders are not actually getting their clients the best quality custom sheds. That means two things for their customers. They will get a cheaper price, and they will get a mass-produced poorly constructed shed!  If you are looking for a quality shed that will last for decades to come, then buying the cheapest shed you can find will not be in your best interest. Don’t get ripped off with a cheap price and with a low-quality shed that will fall apart! 



 Know What Your Getting, And NOT Getting In A Shed Kit. 

Not all shed kits are created equal and while there are good options out there, it is good to be aware of everything that is (and is not) being sold to you in shed kits. When you understand the tools and time that will be required to build a shed kit you may ask yourself, “Why am I paying 75% of retail of a fully built shed to build my own shed out of a kit?”  Before you think about how to buy a shed kit off the internet or other sites, double-check and make sure that all the necessary components are being sold. Many kits do not include the floor system, others don’t include shingles for the roof or windows or paint!! And you’re probably not getting concrete blocks either. What’s a shed kit anyway if you’re not getting a complete kit?  It’s just a way for an online retailer to hide cost and leave you going to Lowes or Home Depot and spending on your credit card after the seemingly affordable shed kit purchase. Another thing to keep in mind is that a shed kit will likely come freight with curbside drop off. You will likely have to carry all those materials to your backyard!




What Is Included With The Purchase Price?


Ask for a full price out the door, with delivery fees, concrete blocks, or other charges included!  Some shed companies include all the blocks up to 18” or 24” on the low side of the ground. Other companies charge for each individual concrete block!  you don’t want the cost of your shed ballooning $500 dollars after initial shed purchase! Make sure your shed floor, shingles or metal roof, and and paint application come with your purchase. 


Don’t Buy A Used Shed Currently Being Rented Or Financed! 

With the prevalence of RTO and shed financing it has become more common for individuals still bound to the contract to illicitly sell the shed that they are renting or financing.  This can result in someone buying a “deal” on craigslist, but not knowing its stolen property!  If that happens, the buyer may very well have the shed they think is now theirs repossessed by the Rent To Own company who has hired private detectives and shed repossession experts to locate and reclaim their property.  To avoid this, don’t buy sheds from individuals that you don’t know! 


If You Buy A Used Shed From A Dealer, Be Aware, It May Not Come With Any Warranty! 

There are many used or “Repo Sheds” on the market at various sellers, however, they most likely do not come with a warranty. Sheds that have been repossessed generally do not come with a warranty because of potential abuse by the previous renter.  Ask if a used shed comes with a warranty. If it doesn’t, you may be the one fixing the roof if it springs a leak after purchase!


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