When people are looking for a shed to purchase, many times they are counting their dollars and trying to be frugal.  We all want our money to get us good value in products or services.  It’s ok to consider various options in your shed buying journey.  We wrote this article to help you avoid some potential pitfalls in your search for a shed, especially if you have been thinking of buying a used shed.  Let’s look at some mistakes you will want to avoid if you’re looking at buying various used, repo, or pre-owned buildings on the market.


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Is it really a crazy good deal?

Sometimes when shed sellers advertise, “repo sheds for sale” consumers just jump out of the bushes throwing money at them because they think they are getting such a good deal.  I had a gentleman tell me one time, “I’m going to buy a repo shed, they are usually 50% off!!”  I don’t know who told him he was getting 50% off but that would be a rare find on a shed lot!  Repossessed sheds or rental pickups that rent to own customers have surrendered tend to be discounted 5-15% off.  Could be a little more could be a little less, but it’s rare you find a shed in good shape discounted more than 15% it is usually in very rough shape to have been that steeply discounted.

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Is it right for your specific storage need? 

You’re better of getting a shed designed around your needs, don’t compromise your needs around a discount of a couple hundred bucks. People can make bad decisions because they think something is a deal they can’t pass up.

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Thinking of buying a used shed from an individual? | Make sure it’s not currently being financed or rented!

Perhaps you have been looking around for sheds for sale and just saw an advertisement on Craigslist, Used 12×24 shed for sale, used 10×20 shed for sale, Used 10×16 shed for sale, used 12×20 shed for sale, used 10×12 shed for sale, etc  Shed seller states “In great condition, haul it off yourself, $2500”  The picture looks good, the price seems reasonable. Is it worth buying and trying to find a way to transport the building to your house? Let’s look at a couple of things you should be aware of.  The first question you need to ask is, does the person advertising the shed for sale really own the building?  With so much of the shed industry revolving around rent to own sales or financed sales, there are more shed than you realize on peoples yards that are owned by rent to own companies and banks! Keep in mind, individuals who are renting to own sheds or financing sheds are not authorized to sell the shed they are using because they don’t own it unless they have paid off the loan or purchased it with final payoff from a rental company. A current borrower or renter selling the shed to you you would be theft. You don’t want to be caught up in a situation like this!


Transportation Costs | Can Shed Building Be Transported? 

If everything checks out with ownership and you feel clear to purchase used shed from an individual,  You need to know several things.Costs to haul a small prefabricated shed commonly start at $500 and go up to beyond $800 depending on the size of the portable shed,  difficulty of job type and distance hauled.  Remember that this transportation cost adds to the total price your truly paying for that used building.  Firstly, is the shed in solid condition to be hauled down the road?  Sheds that are old and rickety could potentially start to fall apart during transportation down the road at 70 miles an hour.  Vulnerable points on shed include shingle roofing and doors and windows.  Old loose shingles not properly secured could start flying off. Doors and windows could start whipping back and forth and fly off going down the road if they are in bad shape. It would be wise to consult with a delivery specialist in your area before you purchase a shed that needs to be moved.

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Buying A Used Or Repo Shed From Shed Retailer. 

Many people are buying pre-owned or repo sheds from shed retailers. Repossessed are on shed lots for resale. Transportation is usually covered in the sale price when buying a pre-owned building from a shed maker or seller.  It may feel better buying from a local reputable business, but there are still things to consider.  You should ask the shed seller or dealer, how much of a discount am I getting on this building off the original new price?  When you break that down you may decide that your better off going with a new building with a warranty!  Not only that, ask yourself the question, does the discount I am getting outweigh the repairs I will need to do, or pay someone to do for me? I hear people complaining about how expensive handyman services are! For someone to come out and fix anything is not cheap with parts and labor.  A used building with damage and tons of repair work is not necessarily the best option for you.


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DIY Repairs | No Manufacturer Warranty

One of the biggest reasons to be cautious when considering a used, pre-owned, or repo building is the fact that there is usually no warranty.  Just like when your buying a car as is no warranty, your used shed is your responsibility once you buy it.  The reason repo sheds generally don’t have a warranty is that the rental company that rented the shed to the previous user does not know if they damaged the building, poked holes in the metal roof, walls, floor or other structural damage, shed needing painting! If you buy a repo used building If your roof starts to leak on your recently installed used building, you now have a DIY shed repair on your hands!  Some people who are the handyman construction type don’t mind and can easily fix leaking roofs or repaint siding.  Others find those type of projects frustrating.  If you are not a fixer-upper guy or gal, You might strongly consider a new shed with a manufacturers  warranty.


Decide Your Best Path Forward! 

We hope this informative article will help you know how to move forward, Do your research, plan properly, and choose the best shed for your unique needs and property situation, you will not regret it!  If Sheds by Design can be of assistance, message us and let us know how we can help you.


If your looking for a durable storage shed with a warranty, check out our selection of new sheds in inventory! 




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