Home and property improvements are exciting changes to think about, especially when you were used to moving cars, boxes, and then making 20-point turns to get mowers out of packed garages. Most of us have had the experience of needing to move about 17 things to get to the one thing in the back, and it’s frustrating. 

It’s also frustrating to be confused on which size shed is going to be the best option. Do you need a 10′ x 20′ shed? A 12′ x 24′?  The best way to tell is by gathering a few useful pieces of information and taking a look at the photos posted below.

How to Choose the Right Shed Size

The number one thing to do is ask a simple question. How will I use this building? Home office, gym, man cave, she shed, or storage for lawn and garden tools? If you plan to use it for storage and a work space, consider how many shelves you will want to add, or if you need a work table. 


Shed below is a 12×20, 240 SQ Ft 

Shed below is a 10×16, 160 SQ FT 


The second thing is to grab your phone or pen and paper and take a quick walk (or a mental walk) around your property to see what all you will store in this building. It doesn’t have to be everything, just most of the things you’re hoping to find storage for – things like: 

  • Lawn mower
  • Weed Eater
  • Tools 
  • Old clothes
  • Christmas decorations
  • Art supplies
  • Wood-working materials
  • Office or business supplies 


Shed below is a 10′ x 20′, 200 SQ FT 

This shed below is a 8×12 96 SQ FT 

Shed below is 10×12 Shed 120 SQ FT 


The third step is easy. Multiply the space you think you’ll need by approximately 25%. If you have been looking at a 10 x 12 (120 sq’) consider a 10 x 16 (160 Sq’). This will save you some wishing that you had gone with a bigger building. 

Fourth and last, measure your yard and call the HOA (or if within city limits, the city planners).  This is not a step you want to miss! We have had multiple customers who have had to return buildings that were not approved. 


Rule-of-thumb: figure out what you need to use it for, measure the space, multiply the space by 25%, and call any applicable authorities to see if there are restrictions on the size of the shed. 

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