7 Ideas To Maximize Storage Space In Your Outdoor Shed!

These ideas will help make your backyard storage shed a organization POWERHOUSE!

Sheds With Storage Shelves!

Having storage shelves in your outdoor shed makes finding stuff you need a breeze!  instead of piles of stuff all op top of each other they are neatly arranged in your backyard garden shed!  You can order a shed with shelves or choose from many shelving storage solutions on the market!

Sheds with Storage Shelves

Sheds With Lofts!

Overhead shed lofts are great for putting things up and out of the way!  Thing you may only need a couple times a year like yard decorations, holiday decorations, potting supplies can go up and out of the way in a shed with a loft!  You can order a shed with a storage loft or add one after the fact using sturdi lumber and plywood.

Storage Sheds With Lofts

Sheds With Workbenches!

There is nothing like have a worktable in a shed!  Work on projects, build birdhouses, use it as a potting bench, change weed eater string you name it!  A handy table for a storage shed turns your simple storage shed into a workshop shed you can enjoy working on your hobbies and projects! Pegboard above the workbench makes a nice place to have tools in quick reach!

Sheds With Tool Hooks!

Tool hooks are great for neatly arranging your garden tools, gas power tools, battery powered tools!  There are storage hook solutions for just about any tool out there!  Some are magnetic tool hooks and some are steel hooks for chain saws, weed wackers etc. A handy hook makes storing and retrieving tools a breeze!

Took Hooks Organization System For Shed

Stackable Storage Totes!

There are numerous storage tote solutions to maximize your outdoor garden shed storage capability!  Storage totes come in small, medium, large and XL large so you can find totes perfect for your needs!  Totes can be stacked neatly inside of the shed against the walls, and you can label the totes for easy retrieval of your household supplies later!

Pre-Wired Storage Sheds!

When it gets dark you need to be able to see!  Can you buy a shed with electricity from Sheds By Design? Yes, you can buy a shed outlets, lights, switches! You can buy pre wired storage sheds with electric power, or buy aftermarket solar lights, and motion sensor security lights for your outdoor wooden building!

Sheds With Ramps!

If you have heavy things that you need to roll in out out of your building, consider adding a shed door ramp!  You can buy shed ramps from us or if your wondering how to build a shed door ramp there are online tutorials!  Having a ramp on your shed makes it a breeze taking things in and out of your shed, especially heavy riding mowers!

Storage Shed Ramp

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