This article is boots-to-the-ground advice for those who are considering buying a portable backyard building. Buying a storage shed is almost as simple as walking into Costco to buy a flat screen, but unlike buying an entertainment cabinet or wall gear to hang the TV, there are a few more foundational steps to consider in this decision. 


1. Permits

One of the beauties about a prefab pod shed is that it can be delivered without putting in a base foundation, since the shed is built on skids. This frees you from having to get permits from the city and county and saves money. Keep in mind that if you purchase a shed over a size 12×32 it will require a permit to get it to your home, and will affect the cost. Drivers and dealers will usually pull these permits, so you don’t have to worry about that. 



2. Location 

Professional shed dealers and drivers have been doing this a long time and know how to judge the terrain of your property, and how easy it is to access. When you go to purchase a shed, snap a few pictures of the location on your property and the driveway to get there, and show it to the salesman. They’ll be able to help you determine sizing and delivery from there. 


3. Easements 

Each city and town has rules about how close things can be placed to property lines. Living in the country does not usually have strict rules, but always check easements if you live inside a suburb or city limits area.

Another thing to consider is utility easements. There are utilities which serve a town and may be on a corner of your property. The town must have continued access to these lines or pipes and may require you to leave that area clear. A quick call to your city or county office can get you the information you need.  


4. HOA or Historic Areas

Most times you are free to pick colors, sizes and styles according to personal taste. The only exception to this is if you are part of a HOA or in a historic downtown area. To preserve the area many councils will require you to run your plans by them to ensure that the new building is going to work with the aesthetics or historicity of the area. We’ve had to pick up sheds that were just delivered because of HOA issues, so this one is a must-do. 

5. Shed size

Always increase the shed size you think you need by 10%. It’s one of the most common issues we hear about with customers is that they ran out of space more more quickly than they thought they would. 


Happy Shed Buying! 


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