Organizing anything is one of those projects which looks big before you begin, bigger when you’re in the middle, but when it is done repays in dividends of satisfaction. It’s a feeling of wealth to take inventory and get everything into places where it stays safe, dry and accessible.

Straightening out a backyard storage pod or building is like anything else: it takes some effort to get a system set up but not much time to maintain. The foundation to organizing anything is to know what needs to be organized. Whether you already have a shed set up or you are starting from scratch, we recommend these 8 Ways to Organize a Modern Storage Shed.  




1. Pull out everything you want to organize and take stock. 

Write down 3 basic categories. That’s it, just 3. This could be things like: tools, lawn care, and fuel. With those three basics in place you’re ready to figure out that you might need one unit of shelving, a work table, and plastic containers for screws, nails or batteries. 


2. Keep it practical 

If you know you have a lawnmower you want to store in the shed, go ahead and get the good quality ramp. If we don’t keep storage easy to access, we’ll probably get right back to where we started – with everything in a mess. 



3. Peg or Cork Wall 

If you are fixing your space to be a modern shed office a cork wall is a practical aesthetic on which you can hang memos, posters, photos, quotes, calendars, and anything you want to keep in sight. It has the added benefit of helping to soundproof your space and make that haven you’ve dreamed of having. 

Cork walls work for just about anything light weight.


4. Install an extra internal floor pad

For those folks who are storing things like lawn mowers and small engines things like oil drips and stains can become a problem. The easy way to get around that is to install a small pad, as simple as plywood if needed, for the lawnmower’s spot. If you have oil spills, the mess is easily contained. 

5. Install a Loft Storage Rack 

If you don’t have a loft in your storage building adding a loft rack is simple and easy. It can hold heavier gear or boxes, and maximizes your space instantly while keeping gear accessible. 


6. Use vertical space 

Hooks and pegs work for just about everything: workout gear, tools, hoses, and even for towel racks in a pool house. While you may go for a more aesthetic look depending on the use, hooks are a valuable way to organize anything. Don’t forget those ceiling hooks for your favorite plants. 



7. Install a magnetic bar 

If you have an array of tools made of metals like aluminum, iron or even nickel, hanging a magnetic strip makes storage, and your life, a lot easier. Simply stick the tool back on the magnetic strip and go on your way. 


8. Think outside the box. 

In the end this is a space that has to work or you. Don’t spend too much time being worried about doing everything the right way. If you like it, it works, and works for you, go for it!



Remember. You work once to set up a storage space, it will work for you for years to come. 


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