We see you out there, the men and women with strong, practical skills. You’re used to doing your own home projects and have the tools for it. This might even be why you need a backyard shed. Tools are both an investment to protect and something you don’t really want in the house, so you’re Googling “tools to build a storage shed.” 

We salute you. Building sheds is our business and we’ve spent time setting up the best process for quality builds. It’s a satisfying process, so for the person who has the skills, time, woodworking and carpentry skills, we say go for it!

For anyone sitting on the fence… 



1.High cost of tools needed to build a storage shed

Having the right tools for a job might not be strictly necessary on every level, but it sure helps. Having a circular saw or a nail gun might be something you can work around, but from experience we can tell you hammering every nail while building a shed yourself gets old fast. Sawing by hand is even less fun. There are multiple tools needed to build a shed, and buying all tools needed to build it in good time is going to make this shed more costly. True, you can use them in the future, but will you? It’s always a good question to ask while doing a one-off project. 


2. High cost of lumber

With the Covid-19 pandemic lumber prices have skyrocketed. Could it be everyone had time to actually take on new projects again? People are having homes built, building decks, garages, and working through general home projects galore. New shelves, anyone? With transportation costs factoring in lumber has jumped in price. Unless you have lumber laying around, it may be cost efficient to hire the local shed company who builds sheds for a living. They buy quality lumber in bulk to pass on the savings.


3. Time input

During the early days of the pandemic time was a bit more open, but with the economy reopening time is becoming a factor. A shed that takes us a few days to build, could take a few weeks for someone with other demands on their time. 

Alternate idea: have someone build the shed for you, while you take a vacation or a nice stay-cation. Enjoy your home even more with someone else providing a shed installation service! 


4. Don’t have physical skills or strength

Anyone can learn to build a shed, but we can tell you it’s hard work. It takes a physical strength able to carry shed lumber, lift walls, heavy joists and concrete blocks. You can tag team this kind of thing, but it’s demanding. If you’re adding the hard physical work to a mental labor you’re unaccustomed to, it’s a good time to count this cost and decide if it’s worth it to you. 


5. Warranty and Finance Options

A shed built at home won’t come with a warranty. The pro to building your own shed is that you get to do your own quality control, which is also the con. It can be nice to let someone else do the quality control and call them if a problem crops up. Sometimes there can be manufacturer issues that are nice to have someone else sort out. 

The other major pro is having shed finance options vs. paying everything out of pocket. Save some money for the family vacation and pay off the storage shed over time with shed payment plans in NC and affordable rent-to-own options in NC! 



Before you decide one way or the other, check your property. Is there space to deliver a turnkey storage shed? For the friends who have a narrow townhouse, a fenced-in area, or anything blocking a pre-fab delivery building on-site or building your own is a good option. 


Great. Now that you’ve assessed your property, lifestyle, skills and financing options for sheds you are ready to made a decision. How much does shed installation cost? Not as much as you might think! plus it gives you more flexibility with time and shed loans! If you decide to have someone else build it, picture this:


Sip lemonade on your porch while someone else provides a ‘build-and-install’ shed! 


Turkey service, ready set GO. 

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