The question of storage is one of those “good” problems to have. We have those Christmas villages or ornaments passed down from our grandparents, extra clothes for the kids, and the books that are waiting on the bookcase you’re planning to build. Those are things which may be part of your life permanently, or just right now, and you need a place to put them. Usually we head off to the storage units when closet and crawl space is maxed out but there are a few snags to this plan. One is that closets and crawl spaces just aren’t the best places to store things for space (and pest) reasons! There’s one pro regardless of which decision you make: if you need storage space, both Self-Storage Unit or Storage Shed Rental is going to get you what you need. Secure storage.

What we’re here for today is see if there’s anything that tips the balance one way or the other. We think there is a good reason to go with a Shed Rental in NC! 

Self-Storage Units vs Storage Shed Rentals in NC | Pros and Cons


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The traditional option for storage is to rent a locker away from home, which does solve a need, but also creates a need like having to drive to the locker location. Renting or buying backyard storage space keeps your things near your home. You also get backyard access to your belongings. Renting a locker solves an immediate need but then the money is going toward rent only. At the end of a year or two, we have nothing to show for the monthly fee. 

  • Having your payments go toward ownership is a big pro toward renting a storage shed. Putting a shed on Rent-to-Own in NC is a clever way to gain several wins by getting the space you need and then having something to show for it when the contract ends. Rent-to-Own works as a rental purchase where you pay the fee month-by-month, and at the end of the contract when all payments are satisfied, you take ownership of the shed. Win win.


  • Backyard storage access in a building shed is a major second pro. Having storage close by instead of needing to get into your car, or renting a truck to haul items to/from the self-storage unit, it’s right there for everyday storage needs. You’re able to stay in touch with what you own, and keep better inventory of the items you own. 


  • Competitive pricing. Not only do you have the ability to rent as long as you need, with the option to purchase, but pricing and features are competitive. Not everyone needs the storage for several years so these sheds are built with the option to transport. Rent it as long as you need, still get backyard access, and fill your need for storage. 

  • Customizable. Aside from sizing differences, most self-storage units are a one size fits all kind of approach. Get a backyard shed and you have options for climate control while integrating it into a more everyday approach. Need that extra fridge, freezer or work space? Set up a work space down below with extra storage in the loft for all those boxes you only need every now and then. 



Ordering a customized shed in NC is easy as 1-2-3, and with buy here pay here sheds no credit check payment options you can get what you want and what you need. 


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