Business growth creates a storage need!

Perhaps you have a small window washing business and you need a place to store you tools and equipment. Or, maybe you have a woodworking, sewing, e-commerce, or other unique small business. The economy is good and your business is growing, yet your business growth creates a problem. You are running out of space!  You need additional storage solutions and need them fast so your small business can continue to grow.  Let’s explore a few options that might work for you.

Mini Storage Units

storage units

For some people who need extra storage, the first place they think of is a mini storage facility.  I myself have utilized mini storage for some short term business storage. It’s fast and convenient, you can choose different size units, and it’s a set monthly rental investment. $60-$120+ a month gives you access to various sizes of self-contained units. For a person who lives in an apartment, or in a city or HOA with strict building size requirements a mini storage unit might be a good option. Anyone is free to cancel at any time because most mini storage facilities offer a month to month agreement. If you ever need to pull up roots or move its as simple as calling and canceling. Some mini storage units have a move in special where they will discount your first month’s rent, So it pays to shop around and ask the right questions. Keep in mind that no matter how long you rent that unit, you will never build any equity in it or ever have a chance of taking owing it.

Finance options for mini storage?  No need, mini storage units are a prepaid month to month rental.  Credit check? Not usually. Security deposit? Sometimes.

Carports and Enclosed Metal Buildings


Carports seem to be a classic American staple. Carports come in various configurations. From a simple 12×21 single car carport to a massive 30×60 or 40×80 that a car mechanic or farmer could utilize. Carports can be  anchored to the ground, to gravel, or to a concrete slab.  When shopping for carports there are the “open carport” prices which seem pretty cheap! (posts and roof only) But when you add a concrete pad and enclosed sides your investment grows significantly. Some people need the large size availability of a metal building and are willing to spend up. For a growing business with trucks and trailers and other equipment, an enclosed metal building with garage doors could be the perfect fit. Other business owners just need lumber or hay covered and open metal post and roofing are all they need. full-fledged workshops with concrete pads, enclosed sides, insulation, electrical, and garage doors to boot are also available for people who need it all. There are a lot of options and configurations with metal frame buildings from basic carports, to large metal buildings that can hold huge tractors and equipment!

Finance Options for Carports and Metal Buildings?  There are definitely banks that will loan money for property improvements and that loan can be used for carports and small metal buildings. Rent-to-Own is also an option and offered by many carport companies. If a building is specifically for your business then your bank may have other options as well. Do your research and see what financing is available from your financial institution! You may have more options than you realize.  Credit Check? For traditional finance options, yes, usually. Rent-to-Own does not usually require a credit check but because of the large immobile nature of carports and metal buildings, the security deposit to Rent-to-Own them is usually significantly higher than a portable shed.

Portable Sheds

red portable shed

Portable storage sheds have grown in popularity over the last decade and for several reasons.  They are movable with the aid of specialized trucks and trailers and motorized “mule machines.” They come in various sizes. They have built-in treated joist and plywood floors which means no need for a concrete slab.  They provide practical dry storage. From a small 10×12 size shed protecting a lawnmower and garden tools from the rain to sizes as large as a 14×40 portable building that can be used as a small backyard warehouse, shop, office or studio. Most portable shed buildings are prefabricated at a shed manufacturing facility and delivered on a special shed moving hydraulic trailer. Set up on a gravel pad or concrete blocks, your barn or garden shed is ready for use immediately.

Finance options for portable sheds?  

If you don’t have the ability to pay outright cash for your shed there are still good options available. Some people choose to use home improvement loans, personal loans or dip into their home equity line of credit to purchase a shed.  A popular choice to get needed storage is Rent-to-Own. Similar to a mini storage unit rental, you can have the convenience of storage space available in your yard, (with no back and forth trips to a mini storage facility!) With Rent-to-Own there is usually no credit check, only the first months payment and sometimes a small security deposit to get that needed storage building delivered and set up in your yard. Rent-to-Own is a month-to-month contract, cancel at any time. If you make 24, 36, or 48 consecutive payments depending on the terms of your rental contract,  you own the building.  If you cancel or stop making payments before the term of the contract is up, the building is picked up and the contract is terminated. It does not affect your credit. Think of rent to own as a mini storage unit delivered to your property. Use it as long as you like, if you plan to rent for the term of the contract, you have a chance of taking possession of the building. That’s why many people are choosing  Rent-to-Own sheds over a mini storage unit facility.

Thanks for Reading!  We hope this has been a valuable resource to you in your search for the right storage solution for your unique situation. If you have any questions about sheds, Contact Us and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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