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Believe it or not, when shopping for a shed, it’s a tough decision to know how big of a shed to buy!  You don’t want to buy a shed to large for your space needs, but you also don’t want to buy a shed too small and regret it.  Let’s explore some tools and ideas to help make the decision easier for you.


What can you afford?  

While bigger is often better, if you have a budget constraint you’ll have to find a solution that fits within that.  You may like the idea of having an enormous building on your property, but after looking at the money and talking to the honey, you decide to go with a building that fits your space needs and the budget a little better.

What are your property space constraints?

Most people have limited yard space for a shed!  Make sure you measure the place you plan to put your building. What size is it?  Would a shed fit within that space to mow around?  Keep in mind you need clearance space between existing buildings, fences, and property lines.  

Checklists of items your storing

When deciding what space requirements you need, consider the items you’re going to be putting in your shed.  Decide what’s most important to keep in storage. Don’t pay to store stuff your not actively using! If items are not being used it may be prudent to recycle them or take them to the landfill. If you have perfectly good items that you just don’t see yourself using in the next 5 years consider a donation to goodwill!

Awareness of intended use of the shed

Also, consider the purpose of the building, Is this a studio for art and study,  or a small warehouse for stacking lots of cardboard boxes or plastic totes? The intended use will make a difference in the kind of space you may want to choose.  It will also make a difference in the features and upgrades you choose with the building purchase. Deciding to add shelving or additional windows depends on the use of the building.


Here are a few approximate floor measurements for common household items.  Things usually take up more room than you realize! Measurements for your items may vary.


  • Car or Wagon 25” Wide x 50” Long
  • Scooter 24” Long x 8” Wide
  • Bicycle 63” Long x 23” Wide
  • Kids Basketball Hoop 24” Wide x 22” Deep


  • Small Riding Lawn Mower 45” Wide 72” Long
  • Push Mower 25” Wide x 60” Long
  • Small Ladder 7” Wide x 80” Long
  • Propane grill 25” Wide x 50” Long
  • Wheelbarrow 25” Wide x 60” Long

Storage & Organization

  • Freestanding cabinet 28” Wide x 18” Deep
  • Garbage Bin 24’ Wide x 28” Deep
  • Tool Chest / Box 28” Long x 18” Deep
  • Extra Large Storage Tote 22” Wide x 38 Deep

Appliances & Furniture

  • Refrigerator  36” Wide x 34” Deep
  • Upright Patio Chair 25” Wide x 24” Deep
  • Lounge Chair 42” Wide x 40” Deep
  • Desk  47” Wide x 23” Deep
  • Loveseat Sofa 66” Wide x 40” Deep.
  • Kids Chair 13” Wide x 14” Deep

As you can see, some of these items take up a lot more room than you realize!  Get your handy household tape measure out and get measuring so you order your shed with the correct floor space and accessory storage. Consider organizational upgrades like lofts, shelves, workspace tables, or garden tool hooks that can help you maximize storage space and have things nice and tidy rather than a big pile in the middle of your shed.

Here is a chart to show you the size sheds we can build for you locally in North Carolina

Available Shed Sizes Chart. 8×8 Shed 8×10 Shed 8×12 Shed 8×16 Shed 8×20 Shed. | 10×10 Shed 10×12 Shed 10×14 Shed 10×16 Shed 10×20 Shed 10×24 Shed | 12×12 Shed 12×16 Shed 12×20 Shed 12×24 Shed 12×28 Shed 12×32 Shed 12×36 Shed 12×40 Shed | 14×16 Shed 14×20 Shed 14×24 Shed 14×28 Shed 14×32 Shed 14×36 Shed 14×40 Shed.

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