Autumn is the time when we turn our attention to providing winter shelter for our belongings from wind and rain. In the Carolinas hurricane season is upon us and naturally we want to protect our investments and to make room to store summer gear. 



4 Reasons to buy a stock shed in North Carolina


Throughout the last year lumber prices were driven up by the demand for home improvement and with it the turnaround time for storage unit sheds and quick shed delivery got longer. For those who are looking for sheds ready to deliver in the Troutman, Statesville, Salisbury, Mooresville or Charlotte area, this link will show you the new and pre-owned sheds for sale near you. 


  1. Fast 7 Day Delivery 

With a lead time of anywhere from 3-7 weeks in the shed industry right now, 7 days is an incredibly fast delivery time. For those folks who need something (almost) tomorrow this will be your best option to get quality, fast. 


  2. Get your Shed for 2021 Fall Cleaning (not in 2022)

These days to get a shed you have to think ahead, but there’s many little details to remember in busy, adult life and sometimes we get overwhelmed by things like going-back-to-school and the end-of-summer vacations. 


  3. Economical options for quick delivery

There are several good options for finding an affordable shed ready to deliver near you. Most shed lots have the following buildings you can ask about to see if they have in stock:

  • Used or pre-owned sheds 
  • Repossessed sheds
  • Basic or utility sheds (usually without all the bells and whistles) 


  4. Support Local 

You need what you need, so any local company will understand if you buy from a bigger home improvement place. It still goes into supporting a good economy. The quality of these buildings is often subpar (not always, but often) so our recommendation is to find a good local company who build a quality product. 

Small businesses often have a quality control that larger companies simply don’t have when it comes to prefab sheds which get delivered, so whenever possible the building from a shed store near you which deals only in wood, painted, or metal buildings is going to be the option for the long haul.  


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