Homeowners looking to get more space and add appeal to their backyard landscaping design want a shed that is both spacious, and compliments the existing home!  At Sheds By Design, We can help you make that happen!  You might be searching for Sheds That Look Good, Sheds That Blend Into Backyard, or Sheds That Match My Home, Matching a shed to house, etc!  Were going to look at the 4 top things that will help you match your outdoor storage shed to your home, garage, or other building!

#1 Shed Colors 

Colors are the TOP way you can make a a backyard garden shed blend in next to your home, garage, or fit perfectly in your garden and landscaping design!  Color matching your shed to house is easy! Simply supply Sheds By Design with the brand (Sherwin Williams, Behr, Joe Hardi, etc)  and the paint code!  We can then match your painted wooden shed to your home color!

#2 Shed Siding

Not only colors, but shed siding types can help your accessory storage building blend in perfectly! Garden shed designs that match house siding styles look phenomenal.  Engineered wood siding such as LP Smartside,  LP Smartside Lap Siding, Board and Batten, Hardi Concrete Board, Vinyl, and Shake products can all be used to make your custom built storage building into the property setting!

#3 Shed Roof Style & Materials

The type of roofs available on custom outdoor sheds can make a big difference on how in blends in to your backyard!  A-Frame, Gable, Lofted Barn, Saltbox, Hip Roof, Modern / Mono Slope etc!  The roofing material tyle can also make a big difference, Metal roofs and Shingle roofs are the top choice as those roof materials match 95% of home roofs and are available in many custom roof color choices!

#4 Shed Décor

Shed decorations and upgrades make a huge difference!  Shutters, Flower Boxes, Doors, Accent Colors, Lamp Posts, Cupulas, Roof Dormers, Weathervanes and other outside design features that match your house design can make a huge impact on how your garden shed blends in with the home and garden!


There are more details you might consider but these 4 are HUGE!  Ready to dive in and design and build your custom shed? 

Custom Design Your Shed Using Our 3D Shed Builder App!  Choose custom colors and more!



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