More and more people are discovering amazing and creative uses for their prefab structures such as a home office, guesthouse, tiny home, airbnb rental, pool house, hunting cabin, party shed, she-shed, or man-cave! You want to make sure you get the fundamentals right if you plan to convert a shed into your dream space! Here are some details you need to know before you start finishing out a shed. For people looking to use their structures for their special plans it’s important to consider these important details.


1.  Make Sure And Buy A BIG ENOUGH Size Prefab Shed Structure!

Space gets used up fast in any prefab portable structure, make sure you get a large enough size shed that is big enough for what your going to use if for. For some people that might be a 12×16 size shed for a art studio, but for someone looking for a hunting cabin the might need a large 14×32 size shed, for them and their buddies! For a guesthouse or turning a shed into a airbnb rental or camping cabin rental you might want a or 12×36, 14×36 size shed or large 14×40 size shed structure! People have even turned framed shell structures into tiny homes through shed to home conversions so the can live off grid or homestead by putting a shed on a small piece of land like the early settlers!

Blue and Brown 14×40 Size Shed | Large Shed | How Big Can Sheds Be Built


2 Order It With Insulated Floors, Windows, And Doors!

You don’t want to buy a shed with non insulated floor, single pane windows, or wood barn doors if you plan to climate control your dream space in the future. Adding insulating products is a must if you plan to climate control your prefab shed structure! It may add several hundred or even a couple thousand to the storage shed prices but you will be glad you did when you can walk on a insulated shed floor and walk through a nice insulated house door for your shed and not wood barn doors.  Double barn doors are great for mower or equipment storage, but not for a climate controlled heated or cooled space.

Black 12×20 Size Shed | Insulated Walk In House Door | Insulated House Windows


3. Plan The Cost Of Finishing Out Your Structure!

Interior shed design and finishing out a shed to a sports den, man cave, or she-shed is tons of fun! You can design you own shed into whatever space your needing. One you choose the size you will need to carefully plan out the cost to finish out the inside. Doors & windows, insulation for the floor, interior walls, rafters, electrical work, interior paneling or drywall, and flooring product. The air conditioner or mini split for shed climate control needs to be figured in as well.

Interior Shed Design | Man-Cave | Sports Den | Finishing Out A Shed | NC |North Carolina


4. Have A Foundation Site Prepared! 

Make sure you have a accessible location and shed site foundation preparation! Concrete blocks, gravel pads for sheds, concrete piers for sheds or setting a shed on a concrete pad are all viable options. consult with a shed specialist on the appropriate shed foundation for your backyard or property.

14×16 Blue and White Shed with Porch | Shed With Lattice Skirting | Shed Stairs | Strong  Shed Foundations


5. Enjoy your building! 

Once you complete you project, you can sit back and relax and enjoy your building! A well designed prefab shed structure in your backyard that has the storage and organization and space for your life that you have been dreaming about. Contact Us if you have questions or need help with your custom shed project!

Shed with Porch | cabin | Backyard | NC | Studio | Home Office | 12×20 Potting Shed

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