Converting a shed into an office space is an exciting topic, and one of our favorites to talk about. It’s a good deal for anyone looking to add a home office space, something like a garden office pod, or even an office to your commercial property. The office is the professional hub of all activity and whether you need a studio shed or something that will serve several people at a home or business property there are a number of things to keep in mind for these shed-to-office conversions. 

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  1. Cost 

Converting a shed to a shed office isn’t a big cost, but adding options for comfort and utility does add value. It is well worth it, but also worth knowing about this increase because of adding insulation, sheetrock, and electricity. You may be able to buy a shed on payments or rent to own a shed to pay over time! Think of it as building civilization into a backyard storage building. What works to store the lawn mower might not be as comfortable as hosting you and your work for five days a week. 

You love your work, and to focus on it, there are a few options that will be needed. 


2. Heating, cooling, and insulation. 

Here in the south we place extra emphasis on cooling, but a heated space is also a necessity for those raw January days when the rain is coming down. Adding insulation makes your heating and cooling go further for an ultra comfortable work experience.


3. Electrical package

Office spaces have electrical requirements, so make sure to talk about your plans with the salesperson so they can help you make a good choice. For electrical, opt for about 3 more outlets than you think you’ll need, as well as a wiring system being installed for a light and ceiling fan. Having these things in place make the space pleasant, well-lighted, and able to host that espresso machine for a mid-afternoon pick me up. 



4. Space requirements 

Is your office also doubling as a craft space? A place to make things or work on side projects? Most of our customers end up needing a building about 10% bigger than they think, so in planning for the size of your new office shed / studio shed make sure to plan for some extra margin. Just like in profits, margin is needed. 


5. Placement 

Placing the new office shed is an important thing to consider. Most counties and towns require you to stay a certain amount of feet from any property lines, electrical lines, and you definitely don’t want to put it on a septic. Check with your county or city planning offices to see what the easements are for your property, and if you are a member of an HOA, your first step will always be to run the design and colors and size past them. We’ve had customers purchase a new shed, and then the HOA doesn’t approve it. 


There you go! It’s a simple list but a good one to get you started on all the essentials for converting your shed to an modern shed office! 

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