5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Potting Shed for your Garden


It’s the dream of every gardener and home landscaping enthusiast: the perfect potting shed. Putting together a haven at home, and at a central point with easy access for gardening needs. A place full of trowels that have dirt on them, a table with shelves, and lots of green plants and sunlight. 

Plus one thing more: the corner for that restorative cuppa tea or coffee, with a small table that doubles for repotting plants and that afternoon scone. 

wheelbarrow with potted flowers and tools in the garden



What are the practical elements that go into the perfect potting shed? It’s the same way you approach gardening. Where are plants going to grow the best? Which side should face the south or the north. Where do I want those doors? You want something that works for you, just like you put plants where they will grow best. 


  1. Doors. 

Our best tip for this new potting shed is installing a garage door in one end of the garden pod shed. There’s nothing like being able to bring a large tray of flowers and plants in and out without catching on something and dumping everything. For easy access, a garage door is the way to go. 

  1. Windows 

If the garage door is on the east or west end of the shed, you’ll want windows along the south wall. Several generous windows with a work table built underneath will be perfect both as a work space and as a place to start new plants in the spring. 


  1. Electrical package

Speaking of new plants, grow lights are the next essential for this dream potting shed of yours. Putting in an electrical package for a garden pod shed is easy, relatively inexpensive, and will give all your plants a heads up every year. A good light for you to see by, a ceiling fan, and you’ll be all set. 

Gardening tools and flower on wooden background


  1. Work table with shelving underneath

Remember the work table under the windows? Under this table we recommend shelving to store things like pots, trowels, fertilizers and plant markers. Shelves are the number one foundation for keeping an organized space. 


Pro tip: keep a sharpie and write on clothespins to clip onto pots and keep track of times/dates/plant names. 

  1. Ridge Vents

Ridge vents are a must to keep the shed from getting musty. Keeping a little air circulating will keep the air happier for you and the plants. You’ll all help each other: the plants will clean the air, and the vents will keep it circulating for freshness and to help prevent mold. 

Stacks Of Old Clay Plant Pots In A Victorian Potting Shed

  1. Window boxes

This one is purely aesthetic, but also wonderful. Add a few window boxes to the windows and merge the indoor/outdoor space. Window boxes are a relatively inexpensive add to dress up any space, and what better place than on your very own garden pod shed? 


  1. Climate control

Some plants are unable to withstand high temperatures, so if you keep a few delicate ones inside, climate control will help you grow a wider variety of plants. In the winter, the ones which are unable to winter can be brought inside to enjoy a peaceful retreat year round. 

A sweet senior lady gardening in her potting shed.


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