Hi There! We have been having people ask us, can you get a Storage Shed for $0 down? Can Storage Sheds be delivered and installed for $99 down? It Depends! and there are a few caveats! Lets dive in and explore how Rent To Own Sheds work, Rent to Own Sheds for Zero Down, and Sheds in the $99 – $199 a month price range. And other questions you might have in your search for Rent to Own Sheds Charlotte NC.

Can Storage Sheds Be Delivered For $0 Down? 

There are some storage buildings rent to own sheds no money down, or promoted as “rent to own sheds $0 down delivers” This may mean you can sign the rental contract with $0 down, HOWEVER! You STILL have to make the first months payment at delivery! So zero down sheds are kind of a toss up, you can sign for zero down, but you still have to pay first months payment / and possibly a security deposit POD at delivery. Paperless billing and Autopay may be required.

Can Storage Shed Be Delivered For $99? 

Yes they can! Some Rent to Own Companies let customers deposit as low as $99 dollars. This just reserves the shed and locks in a delivery date. A promotion of $99 on the first payment is great,  but just make sure you know the cost of the normal monthly payment! Many people are quick to sign on $99 bucks down on a shed, but them when the regular monthly payment of $200 – $300 – $400 comes they are shocked and realize they can’t afford the normal shed payment range. Paperless billing and Autopay may be required.

Is Rent To Own Affordable? 

That depends! Rent To Own is about $50 bucks per $1000 of shed value. So a $2000 shed would be about $99 bucks, $3000 shed $149 bucks $4000 shed $199 bucks $5000 shed $249 bucks etc. What will make your Shed most affordable is that you only buy a shed on payments that you can afford on your family budget. You can also put More Down to Lower the Rent to Own payment, called a Credit Reserve Account, or Customer Reserve Account.

Can I Pay Off A Rent To Own Shed Early? 

Yes! you can pay off your Shed early! Early Purchase Options are required in Rent to Own shed laws, if you pay off early, you will owe the remaining cash balance of the Shed, and NC sales tax due on that amount. Many Rent to Own Contracts have 90 Days Same as Cash, or even 6 Months Same As Cash Options.

What About How to Terminate a Rent to Own Agreement

If you want to Rent a Shed Charlotte NC for a set amount of time, say 12 months, and then no longer need the building, you can surrender the building and you are free of the Rent To Own Agreement. Most Rent to Own Agreements are renewed every 30 days. (Month to Month Rent to Own Contract). How do you get out of a Rent to Own home contract? Call the rental company on your contract and tell them you no longer need the storage shed on rental payments! Flex Lease, Lease To Own, Rent To Own, Buy Here Pay Here, Buy Now Pay Later, are many ways people describe rent to own.

Is Rent To Own Worth It?

Rent To Own (RTO) offers a Flexible Way to get the attractive Backyard Building you want but without the large upfront expense. With no credit check, it is available to everyone Regardless of their Credit Score. When contrasted against mini storage rental facility in Charlotte NC where you could rent for years and never own, Rent to Own offers 2 ways to take ownership of the Shed Rental. 1 EPO Early Payoff Option or 2 Make the full consecutive payments as agreed (24-36-48-60) to take ownership and pay off shed 


Are Rent to own Programs Expensive?

If you buy a Shed with Rent to Own that is above the purchase price you can afford, and the shed payments are above what you can afford, than yes, you can say its expensive! But if you pick the right Size/ Shed price and Payment you can Afford, and that fits in your budget, you can say it’s an Affordable Shed payment. What is more expensive, renting to own a shed that has a payment end in sight, with a path to ownership and comparable rates to a mini storage unit, or renting a mini storage unit where you will never own anything?


Are There Fees To Pay Off A Rent To Own Shed Early?

No, there are no fees to pay off early, in fact you get a discount on the shed rental! Is my Credit good enough for Rent to Own? Yes because there is NO CREDIT CHECK! Does Rent to Own charge Interest? No, Rent to Own does not charge interest, but they do charge Rental Fees, otherwise known as the cost of renting about the cash price of the storage sheds sold to the public. Each Rent to Own contract has a disclosure section, where the cost of the building, cost of a shed rental, and cost of sales tax, and cost of the rent for a shed above the cash price is shown. Be sure and Review your Rent to Own contact before signing!

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