Buying a Shed on A Budget: Cheap Shed vs Expensive Shed

When your shopping for storage sheds, they come in all sizes and prices! How do you know which is the best shed option for your family storage shed needs, especially when your buying a shed on a budget? Here are some pointers to help you make the best decision for your storage shed needs in NC.

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1. Do Not Shop Based On Shed Prices Alone! 

You have a family budget an that’s understandable, but buying a shed based on price alone is a mistake you may live to regret! What if you buy a cheap priced shed and it falls apart or starts leaking and your wondering how to fix a leaky roof?  Or what if you put down a deposit for a under-quoted shed price and the shed installer never builds the shed properly or finishes the project? Be careful of under-priced quotes that seem to good to be true, you might only get a shoddy shed built! Buying a cheap shed for $1500 and then having your shed project disappoint you could hurt your budget worse than paying more and getting a quality shed done right.

Not everyone who claims they know how to build a 10×12 shed in North Carolina can finish the job!

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True Cost Of Cheap Sheds.

You may be able to get a cheap plastic shed, but good luck trying to put a riding mower or any sizable household supplies inside your shed, like a BBQ stand or wheelbarrow storage. You may be able to buy a cheap metal shed that uses inferior materials, but do you really want a rickety eyesore rusting away in your backyard?

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2. Go Easy On The Accessories!

Look for a shed that meets your needs, and go easy on shed accessories. Shelving and workbenches, flower boxes and shutters can all add to the prices for storage sheds. Shed ramps, shed stairs, and shed anchor kits might be nice to add after you have had some time to pay off initial shed purchase. If your looking for a storage shed on a budget in North Carolina, adding some of those details later and not at point of sale can help make your purchase one of the most affordable sheds in NC!

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3. Buy From Local Shed Builders In NC! 

Save by buying sheds locally in North Carolina! National shed companies offer less and charge more many times vs local custom storage shed builders in North Carolina. Transportation cost are less when buying from local shed builders. Storage sheds in TX, and Storage sheds in PA are sometimes shipped hundreds of miles to other states! Shipping sheds in that far can add to the cost of your shed purchase, even if its not shown as shipping. Another perk to local shed builders near you in NC you is that customer service is likely going to be better! The best shed company in NC for you is one who is able to help you with a warranty claim or service call much faster than a shed company based in a far away state!

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What About A DIY Shed Kit? 

This may be a viable option for some people, but when you look honestly at DIY Shed Kits prices online there is not as much savings as you might be led to believe.  DIY shed Kits on the internet can have hidden costs your not aware of.  Consider these details when deciding whether a shed kit or a done for you shed is right for your situation. As shed builders in North Carolina, we know just how much work it is to stick build a shed.

  • DIY shed kits come with curbside drop off. You have to carry those materials to your backyard. 
  • You need the appropriate tools, diagram reading, woodworking, shingling, and painting skills to make it a success.
  • Shed kits sold online may not include concrete blocks, shingles, or floor systems. You have to go spend more on your credit card at 84 Lumber, Lowe’s or Home Depot to finish you “cheap” DIY Shed kit.
  • The time it takes during the evenings or weekends could drag your do it yourself project on for days or weeks.
  • Physical strength required to lift heavy walls, lumber, and carry 80 lb packs of shingles up ladders to your shed roof is substantial.

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4. Shop Based On The Value You Get With Your Shed! You Won’t Regret it

Buying a shed mindful of your budget is smart decision! You don’t need to pay for all the extra extra bells a whistles if your looking for a long lasting and reliable building with affordable storage shed prices, but you do need to buy a shed that’s well built! Make sure and get the right size shed you need for your items, and a buy a shed from a reputable company!


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