If you are looking for Backyard Storage Sheds for sale near Charlotte NC, here are some things you need to know before you order a shed online or buy an In Stock storage shed! 

1  Site Access   

There are 2 kinds of Sheds, Built On Site Sheds, and Sheds Installed On Site Fully Built! (prefabricated sheds). To buy a Prefabricated Shed, you will need Site Access Wider than the Width of the building itself. For example, an 8×10 Storage Shed would need 2-4′ feet More Clearance than the Width of 8 ft, so 10-14 ft. A 10×10 Storage Shed would need 12-14′ ft clearance. A 10×14 Storage Sheds needs 12-14′ clearance. And 12×14 Storage Sheds would need 14-16′ clearance.  The more Generous The Clearance the better, as that allows the Outdoor Shed Installers Charlotte NC to navigate your Shed in place!  How to get a Shed over a fence? Simple!  Temporarily remove a section of fence so the Shed can pass through, then put the fence back up!


2 Budget & Shed Payment Plans 


There are several ways to pay for a Storage Shed:  Buy Outright, Bank Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, Rent To Own Sheds Charlotte NC, 90 Days Same As Cash.  And if your wondering how to Finance a Shed, good news, Shed Financing is available also! Rent To Own, also referred to as Leasing a Shed, is a No Credit Check way of getting a Storage Shed in your backyard.  It’s a simple Month to Month Payment, just like a self storage facility near Charlotte NC, but the big benefit of a Rent to Own Backyard Shed is that you will own the building at the end of your contract!


3  Shed Pad Prep 

You will need to select a Shed Pad for your Storage Shed, that could be Ground, Gravel, or Concrete!  Ground is very common because our Shed Installers provide Cinder Blocks for shed base! If a Gravel Pad for your shed is prepared, we can set the building on that surface also. And a Concrete Pad for your Shed is a great shed foundation!

4  Anchor Kits 

Some Counties require Tie Downs for shed / Anchor Kits for shed. These bolt the shed floor system.  Shed anchor kits help secure the outdoor wooden shed to the ground it the case of High Wind Gusts.  Super high winds such as Tornados could still damage or even destroy a wooden outbuilding or house! Make sure your shed is added to your Homeowners Insurance for catastrophic tornadoes winds etc. 

5  Access Ramps 

Once you have your Shed, (whether an 8×8 storage shed,  8×10 storage shed, 10×10 storage shed, 10×12 storage shed or other size), if you plan to use it for a Motorcycle Storage Shed, Lawn Mower Storage Shed, Tool Storage Shed, or other use, you will likely need a Ramp or Steps!  Sheds are How High off the ground you might ask?  Roughly 14″ in an ideal situation. So, unless you can lift an item 14″ off the ground, such as a box or bag of mulch, you will need a Wooden Shed Ramp or Aluminum Shed Ramp to roll heavy items into the building!

6. Interior Upgrades

Don’t forget about Customizing the inside of your building for the Ultimate Tool Shed or Workshop Shed!  A Storage Shed with Loft, Storage Shed with Workbench, or Storage Shed with Shelves can make all the difference in the world to getting organized! Windows for light, Pegboard, or even Adding Power to a Shed are all possibilities!


If you’re looking for a Custom Outdoor Shed in Charlotte NC, Concord NC, Gastonia NC, Matthews NC, Indian Trail NC, Fort Mill SC, Rock Hill SC, Mt Holly NC, Huntersville NC, and More, Contact Sheds By Design!  Whether you’re looking for an In-Stock shed Charlotte NC, or a Custom storage sheds near me Charlotte NC, the Team at Sheds By Design can help you out! Shop Available Inventory Online or Custom Order Sheds Online!  100 MILES FREE DELIVERY & INSTALL! 

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