We love being a custom storage shed builder in North Carolina that can stick build on-site!  Most of all we love building high quality long-lasting sheds that make our customers happy.  Sometimes we encounter different property and yard situations that make it more of a challenge to get a clients their dream shed, but that’s when we put our hats on and go to work to make their dreams possible!


We encounter many clients that have narrow driveways, fences, trees that block delivery of a pre-built shed into their yards. Pictured below is a narrow driveway that a pre-built shed could not be delivered through.  Our client wanted a shed, so we helped them get it as a build on-site in their backyard.



Once the size of the shed and features were chosen, and the deposit was placed, we went to work to get the materials and custom features ordered for the shed kit we were going to build on-site.  Because of the narrow driveway, we had to carry materials from the sidewalk to the backyard.

After hauling the materials and tools to the backyard, we started building the shed floor, then walls. Finally, we put the rafters and roof sheathing on before calling it a day.

The next day we put siding on the shed, installed the custom ordered insulated windows, and put in interior options like shelves and lofts, workbenches and then painted and shingled the outside of the shed. It was a big project which is why it took us two days!

Finally, we painted the shed siding and trim with Sherwin Williams paint, and were at last ready to install the shingle roof.  It was later in the day so thankfully we had some shade from the tall trees!


Finally completion of a beautiful shed for a happy customer!  Its always rewarding for us to help people get the shed they want even if they have difficult or unique property situations. This custom storage shed definitely compliments the lovely backyard of this client!


If you need a custom-built storage shed and you live in North Carolina,  send us a message and we will see what we can do for you!  We serve clients across the state and especially Charlotte Metro, Hickory, Winston Salem, Greensboro and surrounding areas.

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