Many North Carolina residents live in HOA’s or Homeowners Associations. These communities have certain standards that the homeowners in the community agree to abide by in order to live there. This can have its upsides, lawns stay mowed, ugly and unsightly structures are not allowed to be put up and everyone lives a happier life. Well, until you want to get a nice storage shed for your lawnmower or garden tools! Then suddenly you are faced with getting approval for your special shed that you want! Here are some helpful pointers to help you succeed in getting a HOA approved shed or finding HOA friendly sheds and storage buildings.


Do You Research, And Talk To Your HOA Board.

To start with, you will need to understand the requirements of your HOA for sheds.  HOA’s can range from lenient to very strict when it comes to sheds and outdoor enclosures! Not everyone knows how to go about getting a shed approved when they live in an HOA. Talk to the HOA board members. They can be a good place to start to understand what you need to do to get your HOA shed approved in the Charlotte Metro area. You can take this information to your custom storage shed builder in NC. 

HOA board shed approval


Size Restrictions In HOA Communities. 

Size requirements need to be factored in as well. Maybe you want a 10×10 or 10×12 shed. That is a common shed size that is approved by many HOA boards. 8×10 sheds, 8×12 sheds, 10×10 Sheds, 10×12 sheds, and 10×16 sheds are all size sheds approved by HOA’s in North Carolina. Other HOA’s in North Carolina have no restrictions on square footage, and might approve a larger shed if you do the right color match on your house. like a if you want a 10×20 shed or 12×20 shed for a HOA. It varies a lot from HOA community. 

Insulated Shed Floor

Color Matching Requirements 

If you want to get a shed in a HOA or POA you might have to match your house with a Sherwin Williams color matching SW code. Here at Sheds by Design in NC, we can help you get a very close match to the color of your house. We have 18 in house Sherwin Williams colors and if those are not close enough to your house we can even do a custom color match with an SW-0000 code! Shingles or metal roof color on your house may also need to be matched.

Custom Color Match Shed For HOA.


Placement Requirements.

Sometimes the placement of shed structure on the property in relation to neighbors property lines can be a big deal. 3’ 5’ or even 10’ can be distance requirements from neighbors property lines. Find out how far your shed needs to be back from the lines so that you, your neighbors and the HOA board stay happy.

Gray storage shed with fence and ramp

Gray storage shed with fence and ramp made by Sheds by Design.


Type of Siding Material Requirements.

Aside from color matching,  some HOAs require that you match your exterior siding material. If you have a lap style modern house you might need to get a modern shed with horizontal siding close to that.  If your house is vinyl, the requirements may be to use. 

Sheds By Design lap series shed red barn door and red flower boxes

Sheds By Design lap series shed red barn door and red flower boxes


Anchoring Requirements. 

Another common aspect of HOA approval is to have an adequate foundation for the shed. A frequent requirement is to anchor it securely to the ground. Other HOA’s just require a block foundation for the shed. We have HOA approved shed anchoring and we have built many HOA friendly sheds, and HOA approved sheds that are located in many HOA communities. HOA Friendly Sheds in North Carolina and HOA Approved Sheds South Carolina is our specialty! 

shed anchor kit


Find A Trusted Storage Shed Builder In North Carolina! 

Sheds by Design is here to work with you in getting your shed approved by your NC or SC HOA board.  Once you know the specifics of your local HOA requirements, the next step is to relay that information to us as your local  custom shed builder in North Carolina. We will need to know these specifications in order to proceed with your shed project. The storage shed style and size you need to meet your HOA requirements is all possible! 


Sheds by Design | Custom storage shed builder in North Carolina

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