We believe storage shed pricing does not have to be complicated! If the business you’re dealing with has your best interest in mind things should be simple and transparent. If you are not sure how to understand storage shed prices, and what is included in a storage shed purchase this article will give you some helpful pointers.  Let’s dive in and explore a few things you will need to know on your shed shopping search.


What Features Does The Base Price Include?

Keep in mind all shed pricing is not equal! Some shed companies do not include exterior paint installation in the price of the shed, so you will be out painting your shed once it’s been built. Other storage shed companies do not include the shed floor with the base price of their sheds! It’s just a way to hide the true cost of their storage shed buildings and make you pay for a floor that should be included with the base price. Don’t be fooled by a low intro shed price at a big box store if it doesn’t have the basics that are required for a complete shed.  Make sure your shed purchase includes the shed floor and paint application so you don’t have to be out building or painting parts of the shed!


shed floor

Strong Shed Floor Construction


What Warranty Am I Getting With Purchase?

What warranty are you getting with your storage shed pricing?  Products on the shed may carry their own warranty while the custom shed builder or manufacturer offers a workmanship or craftsmanship warranty in addition to the material warranties.  Make sure you know what warranty your getting, and get in in writing with your shed purchase.  Keep in mind most used or repossessed sheds do not come with warranties!


Don’t Forget About Delivery!

After you order a shed, it has to be brought out as a kit and built on-site, or it has to be delivered pre-built with truck and trailer.  Make sure you shed quote has standard delivery and setup included. Ask if concrete blocks are included and what height it can be set before your charged for blocks. Some shed companies in charge for each individual concrete block for shed foundation other companies include a certain amount with the installation. Also, inquire what distance the shed can be shipped before you are charged for additional shed transportation.  Make sure you have lots of access so that the delivery specialist can bring shed through your yard or fence so that you don’t experience a failed delivery attempt.

Look For A Shed That Meets Your Needs!

Focusing on getting the best deal or buying a shed just because it’s a used shed, or repossessed shed, or a shed on clearance can be a big mistake!  It’s ok to get a good price, but being overly focused on price and discounts can make you lose focus.  Design a shed around your needs, don’t design your needs around a shed no matter how good a deal it may seem.  Make sure and look at the overall value your getting with your shed purchase! Perhaps that is matching the colors of the shed to the colors on your house, or matching your backyard design. If you plan to climate control your shed order one with an insulated floor, insulated door and insulated windows!  If you need lots of light buy one with extra windows!  If you have a riding lawn mower, consider ordering a shed with a ramp for ease of access! Make sure you have the features included with the shed purchase that you will need in the future for a functional building.  Knowing that your structure will serve your purpose will make the final price that much more reasonable!

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