Hi There! If your wondering is it cheaper to buy or build a storage shed, we thought we would give a few pointers on the level of details involved in a painted shed / wooden storage shed built DIY! Building a storage shed in Charlotte, NC might be an option for you if you have carpenter skills, tools, and access to good pricing on a lumber kit to build a shed. if not, you may want to consider simply designing a shed online and have us built it for you! If you Order shed online Charlotte NC & we build a prefab fully built shed, then deliver and install it FOR YOU while you relax!

Here are some pointers for someone looking to build a shed yourself, popular shed sizes you might consider to buy or build would be 8×8 storage shed, 8×10 storage shed, 8×12 storage shed,10×10 storage shed, 10×12 storage shed, 10×16 storage shed, 10×20 storage shed, or other popular backyard shed size.

First off cost of lumber to build a shed! You will have to calculate the cost and make sure you get enough lumber to build a shed. (Due to lumber shortages shed kit lumber is higher than EVER right now!!) Lowes, Home Depot, 84 Lumber, and other lumberyards may supply shed lumber. Lumber is a big part of the DIY shed kit, but don’t forget your roofing, (metal or shingles) paint, paint supplies, hardware, tar paper, shed windows, nails, screws, caulk, shed doors etc. it takes a lot of components to build a painted storage shed right! Once you buy it you will have to transport it to your home or pay for shed lumber delivery.

Once the lumber is delivered for your build on site sheds in Charlotte NC, you will need to carefully prepare the Foundation. The shed pad foundation could be gravel, or level ground with concrete blocks. The floor framing (4×4 or 4×6 runners) are placed directly on the blocks or shed pad. Joists are places and floor sheathing is nailed to that.

Man building shed floor / shed foundation gravel pad

Now that the floor is complete, you can now build shed walls! Build one shed wall at a time, lift, and secure. Build with 16” on center framing for maximum shed wall strength! A double top plate to help support the roof load and a single bottom plate to connect the wall to the floor framing is recommended! Studs for sheds are usually 6′ or 7′ long.

Building Shed Walls


When the walls are framed, you will then sheath them with a shed siding type, The best shed siding (in our opinion) is LP Smartside siding for sheds! Its a 50 year termite proof and rot proof shed siding! you will nail the siding panels with a 2″ nail to the wall studs. The panels help to give the shed its shear strength. The panels are primed and ready for final paint job. Don’t forget your windows frame outs and access door frame outs! A shed with a double-door access, at least 70″ is great for most riding mowers.


LP Smartside Sheds


Once walls are complete, you will need to learn how to make shed trusses. To construct the trusses, make sure the tails of the truss do no exceed the width of the walls, and that the angle cut sits flat on the top plate of the wall. Roof trusses can easily be constructed with 2×4 lumber to make up the bottom chord and two top chords. Plywood or OSB gussets can tie the 2 boards together on a handmade truss. Once trusses are made, you will then fasten plywood or OSB sheathing on top of the trusses.

Making Shed Trusses


With the floor, walls, roof completed, the “Heavy Lifting” part of the shed construction is done! Now the remaining details. You will need to get up on the roof and install roofing, sheds with metal roof or sheds with shingle roofs are both good. You will need to trim the fascia, corners, windows if any and doors. You will also need to learn how to paint a storage shed. The basics will include a exterior latex paint, brushes and rollers. You will also need to build or buy shed doors. If you handmake shed doors, you will need to find a handle, hinges etc.


Installing Roofing On A DIY Shed


If building a shed DIY in Charlotte NC is for you than congratulations! If your looking for a custom storage shed builder to build FOR YOU from start to finish with a turnkey shed with a 5 year craftsmanship warranty than CLICK HERE! to design your shed online in Charlotte NC! Or call today! 980-399-5099

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