Getting the best price for a storage shed from Sheds By Design involves a combination of research, knowing your specific needs, and careful decision-making. Here are some tips to help you secure the most affordable deal on a storage shed. We are her to help you get affordable shed prices in North Carolina!

Set a Budget: Before you start shopping, determine how much you’re willing to spend on a storage shed. Having a clear budget in mind will help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending.

Buy Online: Begin your search online to get an idea of the available shed styles, sizes, and materials. We have a Shed Inventory Page on our website where you can browse their offerings and request price quotes.

Compare Prices: Once you’ve found sheds that meet your needs, compare prices with other models and shed sizes!

Visit Our Showrooms: If possible, visit our local Sheds By Design showrooms to see the sheds in person and inquire about any in-store promotions or discounts to the local sales representative!

Pay In Cash: You may be able to secure a better deal by simply paying in cash (Bank Check or ACH) rather than using your credit card! 3% credit card fees are commonly paid by consumers these days, so not paying with a credit card can save you $75-$150 + when buying a shed!

Ask About Package Deals: We offer package deals that include shed accessories or installation at a reduced price. Shed Ramps and Shed Tie Down Kits are sold at reduced prices when you buy them WITH the outdoor wooden shed! Inquire about these options to maximize your savings.

Buy Prefab Model: If you’re not set on a custom shed, consider purchasing a shed that has all-ready been built. These have been designed with cost savings in mind, and  are often sold at affordable shed prices since they have been built to provide the value you want in a spacious storage shed!

Consider Pre-Owned Sheds: You can often find pre-owned storage sheds at a lower price. Just ensure that they are in good condition and meet your requirements. Fully inspect any repo – preowned shed to make sure its not damaged and would cost more to repair than the discount offered!

Research Rent To Own & Financing Options: We offer financing plans with low interest, and Rent To Own plans with No Credit Check! These shed financing options can help you afford a more custom shed while spreading out the cost over time.

Beware of Total Cost:  Get a out the door quote that includes shed build, shed delivery, shed install, and and ramps or anchor kits or access ramps!  We offer a out the door quote for anything you need to get a durable storage shed installed in your backyard! Just let us know what you will need!

Read Our Reviews: Before making a purchase, read our customer reviews on Google to ensure you’re getting a quality product for your money. A lower upfront cost may not be a good deal if the shed doesn’t meet your needs or is of poor quality.

Get a Good Warranty!  All new Sheds By Design accessory storage structures come with a 10 year warranty!

Getting the best price for a storage shed requires careful consideration of your budget, thorough research which we can help you with, and effective communication!  By following these steps, you can make an informed decision and find a storage shed size and style that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

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