Many people across North Carolina are looking for affordable storage shed prices. While you don’t want the price of a new shed to be the sole determining factor, you do want to get outdoor storage sheds made with quality materials for affordable storage shed prices. And that is 100% possible! Here are some pointers on how to get great value in your next shed purchase.

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1. Understand What You Are, And Are Not Getting In The Base Shed Price! 

When you are looking for a backyard shed, you need to know that these important things are included in the base price of your building.  Make sure the shed pricing quote includes:

  • Shed Transportation Delivery
  • Shed Installation & Leveling 
  • Pressure Treated Floor System
  • Paint Application
  • Blocks For Standard Setup
  • Shingle or Metal Roofing
  • Quality Building Materials
  • Included Warranty Info

Some big-box store national shed companies have low intro rates, that seem like an affordable shed price, but then you realize that key components of the building are not included! Make sure you are getting a total out the door package price for your garden storage shed. You don’t want to buy a shed that doesn’t include the shed floor system at the seemingly low price. You also don’t want to be nickel and dimed for various aspects that should really be included in your quoted prices for storage sheds.

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2. Buy Sheds Locally Built In NC

Save on transportation costs by buying locally! Sheds that are locally made within 30-50 miles of your home usually have included freight shipping to your backyard. Beyond that distance there may be additional charges shed transporters have to charge to deliver your portable storage building. Some storage shed buildings made by national shed companies are shipped in hundreds of miles by shed movers from other states to NC and that shipping expense can be incorporated into base cost of your unit even if its not shown as shipping.

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3. Pay With Check or Cash For Your Shed 

The old saying still rings true today, cash is king! If your are able to write a check instead of using plastic, you can definitely save. The simple fact is that the cost of taking credit cards (2-3%) may add to the price of your building. Shed companies have to absorb the merchant costs of credit cards so to use a check can help the cost stay as low as possible.


Start Your 3D Shed Design!

4. Design A Shed Around Your Needs! 

Getting a fair price is important, but getting a shed that serves your needs is even more important! Don’t get a shed that is a cheap price but that doesn’t revolve around your needs. If you want a shed for a potting or garden shed, don’t get one that is dark and dingy inside. Maybe you have seen a shed design online that you like, perhaps while browsing interior shed design and construction  on Pinterest or Houzz. your special building with lots of extra windows if you need light, and perhaps a worktable and some interior shelving if you plan to work inside. Ordering a custom shed with the important details you want will make you the most happy in the long term.

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