For many homeowners in NC, sheds have become an indispensable structure that protects their belongings and add to the overall living space. Sheds can function as garages, workshops, offices, storage space or other uses. Engineered wooden sheds are very popular in NC, and like other exterior buildings, constant exposure to sun, water, insects, and other elements cause the paint finish on wooden sheds to fade crack and peel. Consider the following tips on how to paint a shed to improve its aesthetics as well as durability and what paint to choose to get the most value for your shed painting or repainting!


1. First Step, Choose The Right Siding! 

If your building a shed DIY from a kit or buying your own lumber from a lumberyard, you will need to decide if you want to get a pre-primed siding or get a siding that you have to prime yourself!  You can save yourself a TON of time by buying a pre-primed siding like LP Smartside Shed Siding! Other siding products like T-111 take more time to prepare to paint and the final product does not look as nice!


2. Choose The Right Paint! 

Not all paints are created equal! there are cheaper paints out there that apply poorly, and that will fade or have poor adhesion! Getting a off brand shed paint that is “Cheap” may be something you will regret! We recommend a Sherwin Williams or Behr exterior Acrylic-latex paint for sheds! Paint that remains beautiful year after year is worth a few extra bucks per gallon!

3. Prepare The Substrate! (Important!!) 

When painting a shed with new siding, ensure it is pre-primed, or prime it yourself before paint application. If re-painting a existing shed, make sure the substrate is suitable for a repaint. To get a shed ready for a repaint, you must give the entire surface a thorough cleaning and make sure that you have a smooth surface. Although you could use a garden hose (with a solution of water and detergent) to help remove dirt, mildew and grime, a pressure washer makes the task easier and faster. Other tips on how to paint a shed include:

  • ·Sand and scrape loose peeling and flaking paint
  • Perform visual inspection
  • ·Repair loose or broken boards
  • ·Allow the wood shed to dry for 24 hours


4. Tape Off Windows, Doors, and Roofing!  

If you plan to brush, roll, spray, or a combination of all three, you will need to make sure your shed windows, doors, and roof are taped and plastic protected! One wrong swipe of a roller or brush and you will have a cleanup mess on a window screen, shed drip edge, or shed door hardware! Take the time to properly tape off the parts of the building you DON’T want to get paint on with removable painters tape!

5. Make Sure Weather Conditions Are Ideal For Paint To Dry! 

Check the weather before you start painting! if there is 80% chance of thunderstorms that would NOT a good day to plan to paint or re-paint a wooden storage shed! If it starts to rain before the paint has time to dry and cure it could ruin your shed painting service once and for all! You would then have to go rebuy the paint and do it over again!

Happy Shed Painting!

If Sheds By Design can be of assistance in building you a turnkey painted storage shed in North Carolina let us know! You can design your shed online in 3D with instant estimate! We build engineered wooden storage sheds with LP Smartside shed siding that has a 50 year warranty! Click Here to start designing! 

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